Freddie Mercury’s Life Wasn’t All Rainbows And Kittens

SO disappointed to hear that Sacha Baron Cohen won’t be playing Freddie Mercury in the movie of the Queen singer’s life. Cohen wanted to be very involved in the script writing and suggested his preferred directors. Which was fine with producers (including Robert DeNiro) except he wanted Freddie’s story to be realistic and gritty. Mercury had a girlfriend named Mary Austin for six years before he realized he was gay. Freddie claimed to have a wild but lonely life and he was shy – nothing like his outgoing stage persona. When he died of AIDS in 1991, he left his home and most of his money to his longtime friend Mary. It’s a fascinating but sad story – the remaining Queen bandmembers didn’t want Freddie presented that way. They picture a light musical story mostly about the band. (Like Mamma Mia, for heavens sake?) THAT’s why Sacha split and the movie is up in the air.(Don’t you love this vintage photo of Freddie and Michael Jackson? What do you suppose they were talking about?)

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