Anthony Weiner: Colossal Ego Or Just Plain Stupidity?

Anthony Weiner should be running for the title of Sleaziest Man Alive, NOT mayor of New York City. This man’s ego is almost beyond belief. After being forced out of congress two years ago for sending nude photos of himself to women online, he manage to placate his respectable wife Huma Abedin into forgiving him. Despite “therapy,” 13 months after that, he resumed the online sexting and sending more photos of his private parts. (Presumably he considers it more attractive than his face.) This year he had the gall to announce he is running for mayor! That’s why an online conquest whom he had promised an apartment and a job, came forward and blew the whistle on him. WHO KNOWS how many other women have YET to go public! The narcissistic candidate trotted his wife out again to “forgive “ him and still plans to run for mayor! THIS egotism is precisely why we desperately need more women in office!

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