Roman Polanski’s 13 Year Old Rape Victim Has Decided To Tell All

The 13 year old girl that Roman Polanski raped in 1977 is now 50, and she is telling HER side of the story. The cover photo of Samantha >Geimer was taken three weeks before the rape by Polanski himself. She doesn’t look like the Lolita that Polanski’s friends have always made her out to be. It will be interesting to read her recollections of that day at Jack Nicholsen’s house when Polanski plied the young teen with alcohol and Quaaludes, convinced her to disrobe, and ultimately raped her. Through the years as Polanski evaded prosecution by moving to Europe, Geimer has avoided the limelight and played DOWN the incident. She wanted to forget about it. She never seemed to realize that this was an appalling crime, so we can’t wait to read the book
Book cover photo via: The Hollywood Reporter

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