Sorry, You’re Not On The List– You’ll Have To Get In Line!”

Real World “ alumnus Norman Korpi is not only and artist and inventor (clickHERE to see his Aero-Tray) but a prize winning costume creator! He cleverly dressed up in a black suit with tinted glasses and a headset and became a VIP doorman for Halloween. He also had a clipboard, drink tickets, and a portablevelvet rope. When Norm arrived at his friend’s party he set up his rope at the door and stopped arriving guests with “Sorry, you’re not >on the list” and forced them to line up obediently. After considerable harassment he let them in and set up hisvelvet rope at the bar. He announced it was for VIPs only and made everyone line up again! This scene repeated itself many times including in front of the bathroom and various seating areas! Some party people were puzzled “What’s with all the security?” – others “got” it and laughed their heads off. Norm won FIRST PRIZE in the costume contest and his prize was an IPad! Brilliant!

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