You Can Count On Helen Mirren – Al Pacino, Not So Much

Helen Mirren has lived up to all our expectations. As you may recall she starred in the HBO movie Phil Spector with Al Pacino and just received a SAG award for her performance. Hollywood publicist Edward Lozzi was a friend of Lana Clarkson, who was killed by Phil Spector, and since day one Lozzi objected to the unethical script to the movie, which inaccurately and incredibly left doubt about Spector’s guilt. Lozzi had contacted the cast and crew involved in the Spector movie about his script concerns and Helen was the ONLY person to respond. She told Ed that the script was in no way demeaning to victim Lana Clarkson. Ed ran into Helen at the SAG awards and she took time to talk to him. She reiterated the fact that she made sure here was nothing derogatory about Lana in the script and that it was important to her. Lozzi was impressed by her sincerity and concern. We’re happy that Phil Spector is still locked up.
Photo via HBO

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