Woody Allen’s Final Words On The Abuse Accusation

Woody Allen’s rebuttal to Dylan and Mia Farrow’s accusations is articulate and brilliant. After taking a few days to think it over, Woody sent his response to theNew York Times and it’s a doozy. We’re fairly certain he had his lawyer examine every word but this letter gets to the point. It addresses all the issues – new and old – pertaining to Dylan then and now. We were reminded that it isn’t against the law to marry your ex-girlfriend’s adopted daughter. Remember Woody did not live with Mia and her children – he always had his own apartment – so he was hardly afather figure to them. The problem is obviously between Woody and Mia and the children are the ones who suffer most. Since the horrific McMartin abuse debacle back in the 80’s, we’re not quick to judge. (Above, Woody and Diane Keaton in Annie Hall)

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