Big Girls Do Cry, And They Also Write Books

Perfect timing. A book about Frankie Valli’s affair with a sixteen year oldgirl back in the 70’s called “Big Girls Do Cry” is being released hot on the heels of The Four Seasons movie “Jersey Boys.” Of course, the girls, the groupies, were a big part of the singers’ lives in the movie. But THIS is the dark side that the film doesn’t address. A woman named April Kirkwoodwrote that she was a 16 year old virgin when Frankie, 39, took her to a Holiday Inn motel for the first night of an off and on romance that lasted 20 years. Kirkwood says she really loved him and thought he would marry her, but looking back, he treated her callously. He liked very young women because they were easy to control. So maybe Frankie wasn’t the great catch we all thought he was! (bottom photo, April today)

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