The Jig Is Up For Britney’s Ex David Lucado

Britney’s ex-boyfriend David Lucado’s hopes are dashed. It was inevitable that the “mystery girl” he cheated on Britney with would surface and sell her story. (Why not? It’s worth a lot of money!) The fact that she turned out to be a porn star only makes Britney’s fatherJamie’s actions more understandable. Jamie paid plenty for a video of David and the porn star, Cali Lee, supposedly kissing and dancing, so he could show it to Britney and keep it out of circulation, thus avoiding embarrassment. But secrets are hard to keep in the age of the internet, so it’s all spilling out. David had hoped to get back together with Britney behind her father’s back, but now it’s unlikely to happen. It’s a tangled web we weave…

(Above, Cali Lee at work)

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