Tim Burton And Helena Bonham Carter- The Smoothest Split Ever

It’s kind of sad to hear that Tim Burton, 56, and Helena Bonham-Carter, 48, are no longer a couple, but it’s an INCREDIBLY easy break-up for them. They never MARRIED, and Tim doesn’t have to pack up and move out because he never lived with Helena and their two kids, Billy, 11, and Nell, 7. Tim lived in the house next door, which was connected, but they both slept in their own houses. (Now THERE’S a man who doesn’t want to COMMIT.) Nobody really knows exactly WHEN they split because they continue to go on family outings with the kids. The only hint arose when Tim was photographed kissing a blonde woman last year, and Helena mentioned that she might never do another movie with Tim. Too bad – they seem like such a good eccentric match.
(Above, happier times at The Oscars two years ago- Tim has Kramer hair)

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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