Cave Man Russell Crowe Thinks He Knows What’s Wrong With Actresses

Not long ago, Russell Crowe, 50, made some comments about actresses over 40 who complain there aren’t enough roles for them. He said that the unhappy actresses wanted to continue playing ingénue roles as if they were still 21 and couldn’t understand why they weren’t cast. He praised Meryl Streep for playing her “age.” This infuriating chauvinism probably broke up his own marriage! Crowe doesn’t acknowledge that MALE stars habitually play younger and their love interests are DECADES younger. Actresses are often doomed to playing “girlfriends” when they’re young, and “moms” when they age, because few movies are ABOUT women. The problem is there are not enough females writing scripts about women and not enough female studio heads okaying them. White men still rule in Hollywood. Meanwhile lookswise, Crowe does NOT seem to be holding up as well as Sharon Stone…

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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