Farrah Abraham Sounds Off On Kim’s Receipts and Why Other Parents Are Jealous Of Her

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Farrah Abraham has been through a lot. We first met her as one of the original Teen Moms seven years ago, when she was a pregnant 16-year-old, unsure of where her life was headed next. And boy, has a lot happened since — from adult videos to drama with ex-boyfriends to Celebrity Big Brother to Couples Therapy, and then back to MTV for OG Teen Mom.

Now, at 25, she's looking for love.

Abraham describes herself as a "serial entrepreneur," which is evident from her wide array of endeavors. Among them are a fro-yo store, a furniture company, and a line of novelty adult toys. Now, she's a millionaire and looking for love on Million Dollar Matchmaker, a WE Tv reboot of the Bravo series, where we'll see if Patti Stanger can find love for this "teen mom turned porn star."

Refinery29 caught up with Abraham on the phone this week. The reality star opened up about whether she'll be quitting the adult entertainment industry for good, how she feels about her 7-year-old daughter, Sophia, being trolled online, and whether she's Team Taylor or Team Kim.

And she has a message for all the haters who post mean comments on her social media: "Thanks for doing that — that’s cool, I guess.”

Is it strange to think that you’re a “millionaire?” How does that make you feel, considering where you started?
"I don’t think that’s strange. I think I worked my ass off. It’s not weird. Hopefully I will be a billionaire."

What were you most looking to get out of going on Million Dollar Matchmaker?
"Regardless of if there was a match or not, I looked forward to working with Patti Stanger and her bluntness. I wanted to learn how to date better, and just progress myself so I can find a better match. Going in and thinking everything is all perfect and that you will find a match is a lot to ask for."

Did she reach out to you about coming on the show, or did you reach out to her?
"We met and I had mentioned, 'Oh, I would love to be on your show,' and then her team reached out, and we collaborated. I think it’s a perfect time and a perfect fit. Not everyone gets to be matched by Patti or have her help."

Hopefully I will be a billionaire.

Farrah Abraham
What are you looking for in a partner?
"I look for a lot in a partner…hopefully [someone] Christian, that is a little bit how I was brought up. So I’d like to find someone with a religious background. I obviously want to be with someone taller. I say tall, dark, and handsome, but there is a lot more than just physicality and what they look like. I also want someone that is extremely focused and has a good career. And someone that is family-oriented. I just look for a lot of things that would hopefully be a match for me."

Is it a lot more difficult to date in the public eye?
"I definitely have to take that into consideration when I’m dating. I don't want to date someone that is using me. I think that, in the past, I was dating people and being used. People were trying to get famous. But Patti does talk about how I need to not think so negatively about everyone that I am talking to. I think that’s what was so good about her matching me because I don’t see any of the guys [beforehand]. I can’t wait to watch and see if I liked someone else who she didn’t choose for me. I’m excited to see [the show] and get the dirt and see what everyone said about me. Even the men!"

Did your daughter know you were doing the show? What does she think about it?
"I did show Sophia some of the past seasons of the shows. Sophia definitely embraces and encourages me to date. She really wants siblings. She is always like, ‘I want my mommy to get married so I can get brothers and sisters.’ So I am thankful that Sophia has a positive outlook, considering everything we’ve been through losing her dad, and me going on Couples Therapy. So it’s interesting to be in that space because she’s open to that. Sophia is excited that Miss Patti could hopefully come back with a match, and she could end up with a brother and sister. That’s a lot of weight in Patti’s hands."

In the past, I was dating people and being used. People were trying to get famous.

Farrah Abraham
Does Sophia ever talk about what she wants to be when she grows up?
"I am blessed to have saved my money up, and be able to do different things as an entrepreneur. Sophia was interested in opening a children’s boutique, so we’re opening it. It’s called Sophia Laurent, and hopefully we are opening it up in September. We are super excited. The construction gets done soon. Also Sophia wants to open up her own children’s nail spa. So next year on her birthday, she wants me to make sure that happens. So she’ll have a children’s boutique and Sophia’s nail salon. We have a great community supporting us."

Does she ever talk about wanting to be an actress or being involved in reality TV?
"Sophia has been a reality star since she literally popped out of my vagina. She is very comfortable being on a runway and posing. I mean, she’s going to do her own show probably one day. But I am making sure that she has other businesses and other opportunities in addition to reality television. Maybe she’ll end up being in movies and many other things. But Sophia is doing very well. And she has fun doing modeling and photos. It’s easy stuff for her."


Do you think she gets unfairly judged because, like you said, she’s been in the spotlight all her life?
"Honestly, I think a lot of parents are jealous of that and they wish that they had that for their own children. I literally have other kids telling me that their parents want them to be famous just like us. So I get it. We have a healthy balance. Whether it’s her modeling or pictures, I don’t push that on her. It happens naturally, and she enjoys it then she gets to do it. Sophia’s a little rock star and looks amazing."

I watched the show, and Patti talks a lot about you leaving the adult entertainment industry. Do you still plan to continue working in it? Do you agree with her that it has been negatively affecting your love life?
"I am getting away from those business opportunities. I am doing other things like Froco [the fro-yo chain], or a furniture store or real estate. It’s many things that I do beyond that. That is something that is really on the back burner now. I get to keep moving forward and doing the things I enjoy more so now. That is just something that came naturally, and I am happy that it created income for my family."

Do you keep in touch with the other original Teen Moms?
"I wish all the girls all the best. I wish them all the love, congrats on that. Everyone’s life is just pushing along and it’s crazy where we’re all at now."

I literally have other kids telling me that their parents want them to be famous just like us.

Farrah Abraham
What do you think about all the Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian drama?
"You know, what I really think contributed was Kanye telling Kim to do it because he literally always has it out for Taylor. He wants to make money off of her songs, then he wants to act like he’s always okay with her. Then they do this shady stuff to her relentlessly — well I should say Kanye — does this shady thing. Is it really that cool that they did that? Or am I even really shocked? No. But honestly, you know, Kim does some things too that people should record and just post a receipt of, even though she acts like she doesn't [do shady things]. Who is she really to do that?"
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