I am a lovable bast**d in Short Kut – The Con Is On – Arshad Warsi

Arshad Warsi has no qualms in admitting that he is the villain of the piece in his latest film Short Kut – The Con Is On. Though in the strictest of terms, he is not playing a baddie, by the virtue of the nature of his character in the film, he literally makes life miserable for people around him. “If you really ask me, then Akshaye (Khanna) and Amrita (Rao) are the hero and the heroine of the film respectively. For a change, I am happy playing a villain”, laughs Arshad while talking about his part in this Neeraj Vora directed film which appears to be a laugh riot in the offering. “But then the film is not just about laughs and only laughs”, corrects Arshad, “There is also some sort of seriousness in the film, mainly due to Akshaye’s portions which are a little dramatic.” How does he describe his own so-called ‘villainy’ character in the film? “Well, first and foremost it is not a stereotypical role where an actor goes on to play a villain who is doing comedy in the film. No, I am not doing anything like that. Rather than being someone who is out rightly negative-negative, I play one of the lovable bast**ds in the film. You will get what I am trying to say once you see the film. You will like the way Anees (Bazmee) has written the character, Neeraj has treated it and I have brought it alive on screen,” he goes on to explain.
Arshad admits that though it was fun to be a part of Short Kut – The Con Is On, it pushed him as an actor since he had to come up with three different versions of acting. “Since I play a bad actor in the film, I had to come up with three different shades. One is that of Raju, a street smart young man who applies ‘shortcut’ in his life to grow in his career. The other shade comes to the fore when Raju becomes a superstar. His antics then have to be seen to be believed. And the third shade is that where I play a ‘bad actor’. Frankly, it was quite difficult because a) I sincerely believe that I am not that bad as an actor and b) I dance pretty well, but in the film I am shown to be struggling with my dance steps”, laughs Arshad. Did he just say a ‘bad actor’? In that case was there any particular ‘role model’ that he must’ve had in mind on whom the character is based? Arshad replies in a diplomatic tone, “Well, there are quite a few out there but I haven’t picked up any one person in particular. I have left it open for interpretation by audiences. Kahin se kisi ki baatein utha li, kahin se kisi ki body language aur kahin se kisi ka attitude! When you watch the film, you would be able to identify with the actors. You will immediately exclaim that ‘Hey, this reminds me of so and so actor.'” On a parting note, Arshad promises that audiences will have a blast during Short Kut – The Con Is On. “Frankly speaking, today when I remember some of the dialogues from the film I end up laughing myself”, says Arshad, “The entire placement of action followed by reaction is so brilliantly done by Neeraj. People are bound to love my character as he is genuinely a ‘humorously funny bad guy’. Be ready for some hearty laughs.”

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