Michael Jackson’s personal physician delayed calling 911

On Thursday, the jury members of the trial of Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician, got a 911 call saying that prosecutor’s assertion was deferred by almost half an hour by the doctor’s conspiracy.

Jackson security guard, Alberto Alvare said: “I need an ambulance as soon as possible.”

Alvarez told 911 that a 50-year-old man is facing difficulty breathing.

He added: “We have a personal doctor here with him. He’s not responding to anything, sir.”

He also told the jury that, “When I came into the room, he (Murray) said, ‘Alberto, hurry, we have to get him to a hospital, we have to get an ambulance.”

The recording came during Alvarez’s testimony, the most negative point against the 58-year-old physician. Alvarez, former head of logistics, said that when he reached Michael Jackson’s bedroom, Murray was making a haphazard attempt at CPR.

At one point, he said, the cardiologist asked, “Does anybody know CPR?”

Later on, investigators found bags Alvarez mentioned were in a cupboard in another bedroom in the house. The bags were full of sedatives, 10 bottles of propofol and an IV bag which held an 11th, empty bottle of the anesthetic.

Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009, with a deadly amount of the anesthetic in his body.

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