Akshay Kumar suggested the title Life Partner to Rumi Jaffery

Lot of news print and rumors have been doing the rounds on why Akshay Kumar didn’t do Abbas Mastan’s Life Partner but we have an inside story that no one has heard. Akshay Kumar was supposed to play the character of a divorce lawyer who does not believe in the institution called marriage. The part eventually was essayed by Govinda in Life Partner. Though Akshay Kumar couldn’t do the film because of date problems as he was shooting for 8 X 10 Tasveer, interestingly, while he was going through the script narration with producers Abbas Mastan and director Rumi Jaffery, he asked what they had thought for the title. When Abbas Mastan and Rumi said that they were still hunting for one Akki came up with a suggestion. Akshay Kumar asked for a repeat narration of the climax and then just suggested that the title of the film should be Life Partner.

Life Partner is a story of two couples and their journey through their relationships, where one takes the route of love marriage and the other arrange marriage. Says a source, “All these rumours of rift between Rumi and Akshay are false. Akshay couldn’t do the film because of date problems and Rumi is absolutely okay with it. Both parted ways amicably.” Confirms Rumi Jaffery, the director of the film, “It is really funny… Abbas bhai, Mastan bhai and I were struggling for a title. It was almost the case of having it under our nose and not being able to seeing it. When we were in conversation with Akshay Kumar for the film, he suggested Life Partner as a title and it just stuck. I couldn’t believe it. It was as simple as that. And we all just loved it and couldn’t have thought of a better title.”

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