No, I didn’t back track – Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi is not just frustrated, he is also terribly hurt. He would have thought that after a hearing at the Minorities Commission Office on Monday, the matter around an alleged discrimination by a Housing society had finally come to a sane resolution. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case as he is continuing to face some (unwarranted) flak. He is being accused of ‘back tracking’ from his earlier claim of ‘discrimination’ by claiming that the entire ‘controversy’ arose due to some ‘miscommunication’. “All this is so disappointing”, rues Emraan, “A certain section of the Press has given a statement stating that I back tracked from my word. Sorry, I never back tracked. I did have all the reasons to believe that I was discriminated by the Housing society on religious grounds.” It was being stated that Emraan Hashmi took a U-turn by claiming that there was after all no discrimination against him. “No, that’s not the case”, Emraan sticks to his guns, “Yesterday we had a hearing at the Minorities Commission Office. In this hearing, I stuck to what I had said a week back that I had reasons to believe that I faced discrimination by a Housing Society on religious grounds. And I am saying this on the records. I want to clear the air once for and all.” Apparently, the Minorities Commission wanted to resolve the issue peacefully. “Who wouldn’t want that”, questions Emraan, “It’s the right thing to do. Even the Commission felt that that the matter was blown out of proportion and had been widely politicized. The best way to handle it was to follow a peaceful route.” It is expected that the final verdict would soon be announced by Mr. Abraham Mathai of the Minorities Commission. “I abide and respect whatever they have decided. I agree 100% with their verdict. Even the Society members and the Owner have stated that maybe there was a miscommunication. They have also claimed that they had not denied me the flat on the basis of my religion. That’s good”, Emraan heaves a sigh of relief here. There were also murmurs that his parents had misbehaved at the Society meeting on 26th July’09. “Give me the names of the people who told you this. Why don’t people come out and openly make such statements? Not a single Society member has stated so. I am shocked at such accusations when nothing like this happened at all,” he sets the records straight.

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