Here’s how Shraddha Kapoor celebrated Children’s Day in Mumbai

Here’s how Shraddha Kapoor celebrated Children's Day in Mumbai (1)

While she has been having a hectic schedule juggling between multi lingual projects, Shraddha Kapoor also has been taking some time out for her personal life. Recently, the actress who is very fond of kids decided to surprise them by visiting the Mumbai Government school on the occasion of Children’s Day.

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From what we hear, Shraddha Kapoor also spent quality time, indulging in some origami as well as chit chatting with them. Since the kids were dressed for a fancy dress event, the Aashiqui 2 actress spoke to them on the characters they are dressed in and completely loved their mimicry skills. A source said, “Shraddha often burst out into her giggly laughter as these kids showcased their fancy dresses as well as presented the dialogues to her. She even met the teachers & support staff and spoke to them in brief about the school and the kids.”

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The source further added, “Shraddha Kapoor has always been passionate about encouraging and supporting children and has a soft corner for the less fortunate ones. She actively participates in charities that work towards the development of children.”

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Besides this, Shraddha Kapoor will reportedly be also attending this year’s International Children’s Film Festival in Hyderabad hosted by the I&B Ministry.

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Sharing a picture with all the children on her Instagram page, Shraddha Kapoor spoke about her visit as well as also urged everyone to support education for underprivileged children. Throwing light on the condition these kids belong as well as briefed about Pehlay Akshar’s academic initiative and appreciated them. “Today I was lucky to spend some time with these amazing kids at Prabhadevi Municipal School. Most of the kids in government schools come from slum communities near Worli. Their parents are either unemployed, labourers, street vendors, blue-collar workers, etc. Many come from emotionally, physically or sexually abusive families and have been in physically traumatic situations. What Pehlay Akshar (an NGO) does: Most NGOs come with an intention to create more equity in the society through education. Pehlay Akshar does it by ensuring that our kids can speak English well, and are not kept away from jobs that they want to be in, in spite of having all other skills. They also aim to create a safe space for the kids in the classroom and make learning fun, so that the kids seek more and more of knowledge, rather than us having to force them to study. Schooling is just one accept of our work. They also train government teachers in the Pehlay Akshar ideology to create a multiplier effect of new age learning.”

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On the film front, Shraddha Kapoor will be starring opposite Prabhas in his multi lingual film Saaho and will also be essaying the role of the protagonist in the Saina Nehwal biopic. The actress also underwent extensive sports training to play the badminton champ in the Amole Gupte directorial.

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