Akshay Kumar’s mighty presence makes a huge impression in 2.0

When the teaser of 2.0 was unveiled, many were left disappointed due to minimal presence of Akshay Kumar. After all, the Bollywood superstar was doing his first South film and that as a key antagonist opposite Rajinikanth no less. However, for reasons known to them, the makers of 2.0 decided to focus primarily on Rajinikanth and VFX (in no particular order) and Akshay Kumar just had a blink and you would miss appearance.

Akshay Kumar’s mighty presence makes a huge impression in 2.0

Well, not anymore!

Good sense has prevailed amongst one and all when it came to putting together the two minute promo of 2.0 and the results are there to be seen. There is a lot of Akshay Kumar right from start till the end of the promo, and that pretty much establishes that it is going to be the battle of equals when Rajinikant and Akshay Kumar have a face-off.

“Ideally, this should have been the case from the very beginning,” says an insider, “You can’t take a top superstar of Bollywood and then keep him as a surprise element in the costliest film ever made in the country. For maximum returns, you need to have maximum visibility of all the strengths that you have at your disposal. Akshay is what would bring audiences outside South India, it’s as simple as that. Fortunately for all involved, this would now be the case with 2.0 as it has been established loud and clear in the promo that Akshay has a huge role.”

Even though the promo is abound with VFX where fight sequences are on the same lines as Transformers series, there is South ‘masala’ intact with Rajnikanth’s Chitti presence whereas Akshay Kumar is casting an evil spell in the form of an eagle on a riotous spree. Meanwhile, you do get to hear him delivering dialogues in his own characteristic style, albeit with technological effects put around his voice.

“Of course that is bound to be the case when the film belongs to the sci-fi genre,” the insider adds, “The film is being true to the genre. There is action, VFX, styling, sound design, background score – everything coming together in unison to ensure that the kind of vision that director Shankar was carrying over the years has been translated well for the big screen. This has been one of the most patient outings for Akshay Kumar. For an actor who revels in completing three films a year, he has been a part of 2.0 journey for three years to complete one film.”

The results seem to be paying off for sure.

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