Satyamev Jayate 4th Episode Every Life Is Precious!!

The Fourth Installment of Aamir’s reality check on society and awakening series of Satyamev Jayate, dealt with the greedy medical practitioners who have made the whole Indian Medical system their business grounds and are exploiting people’s blind trust on them.It was an episode of shocks rather than tears.


We always have heard and believed that Doctor is someone next to God, God’s incarnation on Earth, but if the same person breaks our trust into millions of pieces and stamps it under their feet, how vulnerable are we supposed to feel.


The profession is riddled with unscrupulous doctors and hospitals out to make big bucks at the cost of patients and in a nation like India where still 65% of the population cannot afford to afford medical treatment such scenario worsens with each passing day.


The show opened with the dreadful stories of patients and their families who have been a victim of the money-making game so that Doctors could extract money out of them.VS Venkatesh could have healed the infected finger with an antibiotic inspite he had to undergo 4 surgeries, and spent around 2 lakhs for no required reason. Arvind Kumar had spent around 1.5 lakhs for just tests and could have healed with Rs.15 ORS packet. Such fraudlent practices left all flabbergasted, with the crude and cruel methods doctors in India have adopted.


Major Pankaj Rai’s wife,Seema , was suffering from a kidney ailment. Without her family’s consent, the doctors took her to the operation theatre for kidney and pancreas transplant. Major Rai had to pay around Rs 8.25 lakh for the surgery and Seema lost her life too. Doctors didn’t even inform the family about her demise and the switched off their mobile phones.This is sheer irresponsible and unaccountable behavior on part of the doctors.


Owner of a Path lab in Mumbai, Dr.Anil Pichad used to overcharge his patients and used to give “cuts” to Doctors, has after a personal tragedy determined to be a corruption free individual, he performs all tests at a very low rate as compared to others.


The shocking stories of women in Kowdipally village of Andhra Pradesh who were asked by doctors to get their uterus removed, for more than half of them it was not even required, put light on how the doctors exploited these poor farmers who had to sell of their lands, take loans, etc in order to derive money out of them.


Major General (Retd) Som Jhingon, was the ex-chairman of Medical Council of India, who resigned after being disillusioned by the way the body functioned. He said it was only about money, money and money and MCI of India, is full of corruption with its roots spreading out at a pacing rate.


Dr K.K. Talwar, Chairman, Board of Governors, Medical Council of India revealed that since 2008 there is not even one case where the license of a doctor have been cancelled. Dr Talwar had no satisfying reply to Aamir’s questions.Aamir had laid before him the statistics of England for the years 2008-10, how many licenses had been permanently cancelled of Doctors in England, and in India its been not even one.


Dr Devi Prasad Shetty, founder and chairman, Narayan Hrudayalaya group of hospitals, Bengaluru explained that under their various schemes every farmer pays only Rs 10 per month and the Government adds around Rs.30 or more to it so that the costs are born not solely by the farmers but jointly. And such cheap operation rates are possible because the no. of operations performed in Dr.Shetty’s hospitals are around 35 per day, so that makes it more cost-effective.


Likewise, Dr.Samit Sharma,  IAS, Managing Director, Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation revealed the use of Generic medicines and runs a shop which sells such medicines which are in no way inferior to the branded ones.Aamir, with the help of Dr. Shamit Sharma from Rajasthan, enlightened viewers by informing them about generic medicines that are available at affordable cost.


Dr CM Gulhati, Editor, Monthly Index of Medical Specialties says that health services aren’t a priority in India. He said the government should spend at least six percent of the GDP on the health services.

The episode was well-packaged and executed and the statistics disclosed were astounding. Like always the show ended on a musical note with beautiful composition by Ram Sampath and his team.


Simultaneously with the show, tweets that kept others updated about the show were:

11:07 AM: Fourth episode of Satyamev Jayate focuses on negligence of medical professionals.

11:10 AM: Major Pankaj Rai all set to share how he lost his wife, who was suffering from a kidney ailment.

11:14 AM: Pankaj Rai’s wife Seema was operated by doctors without his permission. Isn’t it shocking?

11:17 AM: Even after spending Rs 8.25 lakh, Rai couldn’t save his wife. Rai calls these doctors ‘Maut ka Saudagar’. The family feels cheated.

11:18 AM: Is this negligence or fraud?

11:27 AM: Dr Anil Pichad from Mumbai who owns a pathology lab reveals how doctors asked him for commission.

11:28 AM: Have you heard of the basin test?

11:30 AM: Dr Amol reveals how doctors scare their patients to extract money out of them.

11:38 AM: Everything was about paisa paisa paisa, says former Medical Council of India head, Major General (Retd) Som Jhingon.

11:39 AM: ’I have just joined MCI’, current MCI head KK Talwar have no answers.

11:43 AM: Talwar is aware of how medical colleges are fooling the authorities. So how he plans to change the situation?

11:50 AM: Will cancelling the license of doctors change the situation?

11:51 AM: Till 2001, government opened 31 medical colleges and 106 private institutes were opened.

11:55 AM: Doctors ask for 30% commission from pharma companies, reveals Dr CM Gulhati.

11:56 AM: Why health is not a priority in India?

11:58 AM: 6% of GDP must be spent on health care in India. Only being ahead of Pakistan won’t help. Do you agree?

12:02 PM: 35 heart surgeries are conducted in Dr Devi Prasad Shetty’s hospital in Kolkata.

12:04 PM: Low cost insurance has helped many hospitals in making medical care available to poor people.

12:13 PM: 65% of Indian population still doesn’t have access to basic medicines because of high cost.

12:15 PM: Dr Samit Sharma is trying to provide medicines at cheaper rates to people in Rajasthan.

12:16 PM: We don’t need an East India Company to exploit us, we are again going in the same direction, says Dr Samit Sharma.

12:19 PM: At times, medicines are sold at a price about 50% more than what they should cost.

12:26 PM: Like Rajasthan government, every state government should open generic medical stores. Do you agree?

12:27 PM: If making money is the only thing on your mind, medical profession is just not meant for you.

12:29 PM: Young medical students should take a lesson from Dr Devi Shetty and Dr Samit.

12:30 PM: Ram Sampath ends the show on a musical note ‘Ek Sooni Si Naav hai Zindagi.

12:32 PM: Fourth episode of Satyamev Jayate comes to end and leaves you with a few questions and stories in mind.

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