Shamita Shetty Clarifies on the controversy after reports claim that she was rude to a fan

Shamita Shetty recently came under scrutiny after a video of her getting impatient with a fan went viral. A fan had spotted her at a public place and wanted to click a selfie with her but due to bad lighting, the fan became a tad bit clumsy in clicking the picture. On the other hand, Shamita, who was in a hurry, got flustered over the dilemma which was quite visible in the video. The said video gained attention on social media which was followed by a series of trolls and media reports bashing the actress for misbehaving with a fan. However, taking to social media, the actress has now decided to clarify on the matter.

Shamita Shetty CLARIFIES on the controversy after reports claim that she was rude to a fan

Shamita Shetty clarified that she was suffering from an unbearable neck pain due to slip disc during the incident and was busy with the treatment when the fan had approached her for the selfie. The actress confirmed the developments about her slip disc injury on Instagram recently where she also expressed about how disappointed she was, seeing reports of her allegedly misbehaving with a fan.

She wrote this long note on her Instagram page about the incident saying, “Feel sad today ……Nobody really understands the state of mind of an artist .i was rushing out of the place with an emergency to attend too, with a slip disc in my neck .. I don’t wanto get into details of that but I still complied with a photo to my fans waiting there but it was taking so long that I was getting impatient…I can’t walk around with a board that I’m under medical treatment for a very painful neck slip disc but try to keep a smile on my face & did take pic n helped her take the pic as she was struggling with the right lighting .Im aware as celebrities we are constantly judged especially in the world of social media where it’s very easy for people to say things ..I take it in my stride but there s no need to hit below the’s because I cared that I still took those photo s . I love my fans n respect the love and admiration they give me and that will always be a constant in my life !! In the normal case I wouldn’t want to clarify but felt the need to this time . I’m falliable as I’m a human being and do hurt. We all have bad days.. maybe that was mine.. That doesn’t make us bad people.. Sending you all positivity , love and light.”

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