I have seen much sexier stuff – Arunoday Singh

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…Arunoday SinghJism 2 has released and the audience verdict would be out soon. Though over the last six odd months there have been talks of the film being most explicit and bold as far as Indian mainstream cinema is concerned, the focus has been entirely on Sunny Leone and her escapades. While it is obvious that one won't see even a fraction of some real bold stuff that Sunny brings in her adult videos, in Bollywood parlance there is still a lot that is presumably up for grabs.

"Well, I can't really pin point on how huge are people's expectations from Jism 2. After all, the film has been made keeping in mind the fact that this is India and eventually we would be catering to Indian audience. Howsoever we may want, at least as of today we can't be as explicit as films made by our Hollywood counterparts", says Arunoday, "We have a particular setting and we need to keep that in mind."

This is the reason why he wasn't overtly excited even when told that it would be none less than adult star Sunny Leone opposite him in the film. After all, he had a good idea that eventually the film would come with its own limitations.

"Exactly, I judge these things regionally and not globally. Some say that with Jism 2, we are making something overtly erotic and sexy. Fair enough but then I have seen much sexier stuff. As actors we can bring that on as well but then Censor Board might not agree. So eventually in India we have to show sexuality in a restrained manner", sighs Aronoday.

He goes on to add though that Jism 2, despite the franchise power and the brand value that it carries, isn't entirely a film about sex and has a lot more to offer.

"The film deals with adult issues but then it is not only about sex", he reasons, "On the other hand, it is not a regular movie either where you have songs, dances and fights. It is beyond that as what we are touching upon are intimate relationships and complications that come along. Look at it this way, we are not talking about college romance where youngsters get jealous, split and then come back singing songs. We are exploring a very intense and passionate setting which could lead to life altering relationships."

Now since that's quite a statement to make, we would like to see how it actually unravels on screen.

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