Playboy firebrand Sherlyn Chopra questions Vodafone!

Playboy diva Sherlyn Chopra is quite a rage on Twitter! So it’s obvious that when she tweets something; thousands read and many agree. One such case happened this week, when Sherlyn questioned mobile service provider Vodafone with a tweet saying, “Dear Vodafone, Wonder if EDGE browsing speeds on BlackBerry have slowed down, so that users are forced to upgrade to 3G?”

She was actually following up on another tweet by her ex-publicist Dale Bhagwagar, who had tweeted the same a couple of minutes ago, also asking the company, “Is there any mischief here?”

When contacted, Dale remarked, he later received, what he perceived as a standard online reply from the company, which he wasn't satisfied with. “My browsing speed has decreased drastically on my BlackBerry,” he echoed Sherlyn’s sentiments. “Even my BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) messages are delivering late,” added the Bollywood PR guru.

But Sherlyn was luckier than the publicist. Her complaint tweet was very well received, with seemingly disgruntled fans re-tweeting, while some posted the same complaint on another social networking site Facebook.

Tweeting a while later, Sherlyn even thanked Vodafone online, for a response to her. “Sherlyn is a firebrand. Maybe the common man is not as lucky as her. Guess I’ll have to retry in different ways,” smirked Dale.


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