Its irrelevant whether I was nude or not – Esha Gupta

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Its irrelevant whether I was nude or not - Esha Gupta After Jannat 2, newbie Esha Gupta has made it two in a row with Raaz 3 turning out to be an even bigger success. In an industry where an actor is known more by the stardom that he/she manages to accumulate, Esha has managed to strike big with consecutive successes. However that hasn't come without its fair share of controversies. In a freewheeling chat, Esha comes clean on each one of them in her own words.

On the scene involving kissing and love making with Emraan…
I know some have questioned that how could I and Emraan kiss and make love soon after seeing a gruesome murder (of a medium in a cemetery). I too had similar doubts and had asked Vikram about it. His reasoning was that once you have near to death experience, you feel very different; that you may feel a very strong sexual urge in a way like never before. Also, you may feel love very differently. I was convinced. This is the reason you would see that I am crying during the love making sequence since I am also thanking God for still being alive.

On her parents reaction to her dare bare scenes…
My parents saw the film in Delhi and if there had been an issue, they would have called. They knew that I was doing a scene like that. I had told then in advance since I didn't want them to be agitated. The biggest compliment came from my mother who said that even the love making scene was so beautiful.

On the 'nude' controversy…
I am supposed to have done a flip-flop over the nude scene and apparently stated that it was a body double who did that. Come on, there was no controversy at all. In fact I asked Vikram (Bhatt) from where had such 'news' emerged but he just told me to forget about it. Please, I am sensitive and also new to the industry. I don't want to be misquoted.

On actually doing the scene…
Yes, of course I did it and am very proud of it. I won't give away that scene to anyone for anything. We shot for it for five days that including me running in the party and all. Was I actually nude or not? That's irrelevant. What I know is that in the context of the scene even if I ran nude, the whole nudity doesn't matter. As an audience, I am sure you felt pity for that girl instead of saying that 'Wah wah, look how is she looking'. You don't clap and whistle.

On some of the scenes/dialogues becoming too filmy…
Yes, the dialogues in the film were very filmy but then I felt them. My breakdown scenes, the one in particular at the hospital where I realize that it was Emraan who was the cause of all my troubles, was very overwhelming. I have come to realize that till the time I am not into the character, I can't get the feeling she is going through. In Raaz 3, I could feel Sanjana's pain.

On the film being panned by many critics…
To be honest, critics did put us down. On the other hand looking at the film's collections, I don't think I have to say much about how audience has accepted the film. They are the ones who know best. Yes, at the end of the day it is a critic's job to share his view but then ultimately money comes from 'junta'. If they love the film then that's what matters in the end.

On her boyfriend reacting to each of the controversies and the film as a whole…
All I would say is – please don't dag him into this.

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