I had my own experience and views around Naxal issue – Manoj Bajpayee

Manoj Bajpayee

It is a known fact that mutual admiration forms the core virtue of Prakash Jha and Manoj Bajpayee relationship ever since they collaborated in Raajneeti. Now that the actor is playing a Naxalite in the filmmaker's Chakravyuh, the trend is pretty much continuing with an intense part written for Manoj.

"There is a lot that my character of Rajan brings in the film", says Manoj, "He is very intellectual as well and understands things at the next level. All credit to Prakash for writing such a role because while others may just talk about things, he makes things happen. In fact he often tells me that he would never take me in a role which won't show me in a different form altogether when compared to my previous roles. He has so much confidence in me that he wants to push the envelope with me. I enjoy this challenge and thrive on it since I have always been hungry for such opportunities."

However when this opportunity came his way, it wasn't a straight walk on to the sets for Manoj. There were quite a few readings and other sessions that he along with other actors had with Prakash Jha and only when the director was satisfied did the actual shooting began on location.

One wonders though whether the preparation also required cast and crew members to meet some real life Naxalites as well.

Reveals Manoj, "See, in college days we were invariably inclined towards communism. Whether it was Delhi University or Jawaharlal Nehru University, many of us from that generation went through that phase. We came across so many people who believed in armed revolution. Of course there were some who didn't but then I had my own experiences and views. Due to that, even so many years passing by in the interim period, I didn't have to do my own research. It was enough to mainly revive those memories and get going."

With the film running in theatres now, guess it is about time to relive these memories on the big screen as well.

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