Top notch action heroes of Bollywood, audiences are crazy about


Bollywood industry is ruling the world – there is no doubt about it at all. The industry now proudly competes with the world giant Hollywood. Action is what the central focus of Hollywood entertainment fraternity is and the same is found is its counterpart Bollywood with vigor and in plenty. Hindi film industry is famous in the entire globe due to its significant content i.e. its music, dancing and action. Where a Hindi film is loved because of its melodious music and splendid dancing performances, it also is rated high and loved by the audiences due to its action masala.


Action is simply cherished by the Hindi moviegoers and they love the action heroes being their ardent fans. Many of the Bollywood movies, which do not carry good content or the script or lack in performances, etc, run brilliantly well at the box office just because of one department called ‘action’.


If a movie carries the right amount of action and the action is of international standards, no one can stop the success of the film. This is the right and useful formula of making a movie successful. And many of the filmmakers decide on it to get instant success at BO. This has given a big room to grow as successful and saleable actors to the male stars of the Bollywood industry and today they are the big wheels of the industry with their action performances at their back.


Action heroes are paid colossally as well. Since their movies run luminously and generate biggest revenues, they are given the hefty checks to enjoy with. The definition of a Bollywood action hero is that he has to beat the bunch of goons in many cases more than twenty goons singlehandedly sometimes even without any weapon in hands. Wow! Doesn’t it entice? Doesn’t it look unbelievable? Well, the unbelievable is believable in Hindi film industry. This is the magic of Bollywood. In this article, the top notch action heroes of today’s time will be discussed. Read on and enjoy the list.



Salman Khan


The macho man of Bollywood and the one muscular man of the Indian entertainment industry who is notorious as well as super famous in the entire world with the tag of millions of fans, Salman Khan is the top notch action hero of today’s Bollywood scene. Khan is equally brilliant in all types of acting skills – romance, action, comedy and drama. The actor is fine with his own trademark style of acting. Post Wanted and Dabangg, he has become the unbeatable action hero of Hindi cinema. Bodyguard further added the flavors of action to his repertoire.



Ajay Devgn


Ajay is loved by the audiences in action roles though his comedy skills too are adored and appreciated highly. The films like Golmaal and its sequels have utterly shown his class in comedy genre but his unqiue style of action with the proud looks is what people would love to see. Devgn’s stunts are magical and attention-grabbing. He has been offering the audiences action, romance and comedy since the outset. The film like ‘Singham’ put him on the top list of action heroes.



Aamir Khan


Post ‘Ghajini’, Aamir Khan is loved to be seen in action avatars. His shaved head and eight pack abs were liked by the viewers. People even followed the look with oomph. Aamir’s looks are always followed by his fans. Although Aamir did many action films previously in his career such as Parampara, Raakh, Baazi, Ghulam and Sarfarosh, but Ghajani made him a true action sensation.



Shah Rukh Khan


The King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan is rated as a romantic hero of Hindi cinema. He is cast in romantic roles and the big banners like Yash Raj Films and Dharma Productions hire his services as the romantic lead of the films. But the actor always wants to display his histrionics in various genres of acting by showing his dexterity in different avatars. Where he has displayed his talents in romance, comedy and drama, he has also let the world see his talent of action in a number of action movies so far. Initially in his career, he did a number of action films like Ram Jaanay, etc. He was often seen in every other movie with blood on his face. But the world wanted to see him as a romantic hero, so he had to slip into romantic genre eventually. Recently he has again showed his class in action with the movies like Don, Don 2 and Ra. One. His action in these films was loved by the masses and this gave the star more energy to do more action flicks.



Hrithik Roshan


The chocolate hero of Hindi film fraternity, Hrithik Roshan is the apple of every eye. Girls in particular are the crazy fans of this brawny actor. Although his romantic acting and classy dancing skills are admired the most, his action is what viewers want to see on screen. The sequel to Agneepath, in which he enacted the role of Vijay Dheenanath Chauhan, made Roshan the top notch and saleable action hero of Bollywood.

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