“Every time I listen to a song, it takes me back to that moment and place” – says Anne-Marie

In recent years, musician Anne-Marie has proven herself as one of the most exciting, dynamic, and successful British breakthrough popstars.  Prior to the release of two million-selling debut album ‘Speak Your Mind’, she was part of a slew of global hits including ‘Alarm’, the Clean Bandit and Sean Paul collaboration ‘Rockabye’, friend-zone anthem and Marshmello collaboration ‘Friends’; as well as the nostalgic Ed Sheeran co-write ‘2002’. Anne Marie’s playfully infectious pop masterpiece, ‘Speak Your Mind’ debuted at No.3 in the UK’s Official Album Chart upon its release in 2018 and subsequently saw her being crowned as UK’s Biggest-Selling Debut Artist of the same year.

EXCLUSIVE: "Every time I listen to a song, it takes me back to that moment and place" - says Anne-Marie

She’s remained a key figure within the pop sphere. Anne-Marie has been part of several high-profile collaborations including James Arthur for ‘Rewrite the Stars’, taken from The Great Showman: Reimagined soundtrack, and Lauv on ‘f*ck, I’m lonely’. She was also a part of a Global Support Tour with Ed Sheeran for ‘Divide’.

In 2020, while the world has been hit with the coronavirus, music has been a way of comfort for many around the world. Anne Marie agrees to it and even had a few released including since the release of her last single, ‘To Be Young’ ft. Doja Cat and ‘Come Over’ with Rudimental and Tion Wayne. The single is a fresh, infectious summer bumper that forms their first new music since the release of ‘Easy On Me’ ft. The Martinez Brothers back in March. She teamed up with Rudimental for the first time since 2018’s ‘Let Me Live’.

Anne Marie recently exclusively spoke to Bollywood Hungama about her work, life in the pandemic, touring, and her recent releases

How have you been doing Anne?
Yeah, I’ve been doing okay, thanks! This lockdown period has been a rollercoaster for me and a lot of people! I’ve been up, down, sad, angry – all the emotions! But I finally feel ok at the moment!

Has this quarantine period given you an opportunity to spend time with your family more?
At the start, we weren’t seeing anyone as it was a strict lockdown. So slowly we’ve started seeing each other gradually and strangely I’ve seen them more over lockdown than I have over the last 4 or 5 years of touring ha! So it’s been lovely.

When did you start working on 'Come Over' with Rudimental, also feat. Tion Wayne?
I started working on ‘Come Over’ at the start of this year. I heard the song in the studio and loved it so recorded it straight away, re-wrote the verses, and put more of an Anne-Marie spin on it and this is what we’ve come out with!

Did you always want to collaborate with Rudimental on this track after working together on songs like ‘Rumour Mill’ and ‘Let Me Live’?
Yeah, I think being friends with Rudimental is the best thing ever. Their studio is close by, you can just pass through, it’s so chilled and we always create every time we’re together. It’s nice that we’ve kinda come full circle.

When it comes to making music, what comes first for you; the lyrics or the melody?
Umm, honestly this is a difficult question ha! It can be either. I have no set plan or working method as it puts pressure on me. It’s honestly whatever comes naturally on the day!

Your song ‘To Be Young’ with Doja Cat was so well received. Tell us about it.
I wrote this song last year in LA and just felt it was a conversation we were having about being a teenager and growing up. I feel like the older we get the more we feel like we need the answers and have plans when in-fact we all just need to chill out. Worries less and live in the moment! The collaboration with Doja Cat happened during lockdown – so it all happened over the internet!

What was it like shooting the music video of ‘To Be Young’ in self-quarantine?
It was really cool shooting on my phone by myself but it was HARD. I think I definitely gained more perspective on the film crew and their roles and appreciate more than I did before the work they do and the work it takes to create a music video. The plus for me was that I didn’t have to get up at 4 am haha, I did my own hair and make-up and instead of doing it in one day, I did it in a week which was fun!

EXCLUSIVE: "Every time I listen to a song, it takes me back to that moment and place" - says Anne-Marie

There have been so many phases of your career that have been in the spotlight. Every artist loves every era of the music they have worked on. Is there any of your most meaningful song/s that you always go back to?
Honestly, from the first song I released, I see that as a meaningful song. Every time it happens it’s amazing, it’s a memory. Every time I listen to a song, I’ve done it takes me back to that moment and place and it’s special to me. I think 2002 is great because Ed Sheeran is one of my favourite people. ‘Friends’ with Marshmello was so exciting because I had always wanted to work with him. And ‘Rockabye’ is special because I feel like it was the first song that gave people an insight into me as an artist.

Your collaboration with Lauv was so loved by fans. It also sent out a very important message on why it is crucial to focus on people and their loneliness & mental health.
I think Lauv is so amazing at lyrics! And the message is so important, especially over the pandemic. Loneliness has been really real. It’s important we connect with our friends and family and check-in.

You’ve been part of big concerts. I feel touring is such an important aspect of an artist’s life. Since everything has come to a standstill, these digital concerts are a good way to stay connected. Don't you think?
Yeah! I miss touring so much. It’s just made me want to do live shows even more but for now, digital concerts are the way forward. If it means I get to keep singing and keep making them happy via their phone or laptop then so be it!

Who are you listening to these days? What the three songs that are constantly on your playlist?
Eeeek! Okay, I listen to ‘Warm On a Cold Night’ by Honne a lot. ‘Hide And Seek’ by Imogen Heap and ‘Heartbeats’ by Jose Gonzalez.

EXCLUSIVE: "Every time I listen to a song, it takes me back to that moment and place" - says Anne-Marie

Can we expect Anne Marie to release another full-fledged album anytime soon?
Yesssssss of course! I’m definitely in the process of it now, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to perform it and for people to hear it.

Your documentary, the Youtube Original ‘How To Be Anne Marie’ gave a peek into your life. Tell us something about it.

It’s an insight into my life in music, day to day plans, excitement, and struggles! How I cope with roadblocks such as anxiety and being a female artist… but I don’t want to give too much away! (This was asked before the documentary came out)

Since you are loved in India so much if things do get back to normal, would you bring your tour to India someday?
I have always wanted to go to India! So as soon as dates are available, flights are available and we get the green light to go – I will be there! Singing for everyone ha!

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