Shah Rukh wraps up shoot for Vivek Vaswani’s Dulha Mil Gaya

Vivek Vaswani is elated yet composed. His Dulha Mil Gaya has finally reached the finishing mark (well almost) with the biggest milestone being achieved i.e. portions featuring Shah Rukh Khan being wrapped up. No wonder, there is a renewed vigor in Vivek’s voice as he announces the near-completion of his film. “We have just finished principal shooting for the film after filming the last of the talkie portions and the climax. Only a song remains to be picturised and once Shah Rukh is back from Los Angeles in February, we would all come together again and take Dulha Mil Gaya to a close”, says Vivek Vaswani whose association with Shah Rukh Khan dates back to Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman days. “Post 26/11, circumstances were so difficult for a film to be shot. Yet, it was because of Shah Rukh, Sushmita (Sen), Fardeen (Khan) and my entire crew who all came together to make it possible. They told me, ‘Vivek, we will make it happen, you don’t worry’. Everyone was completely supportive of Dulha Mil Gaya and didn’t want any further delay in the film’s shoot”, Vivek gets emotional here.

The song which remains to be picturised is a ‘qawalli’ that would be featuring Shah Rukh Khan along with Sushmita and Fardeen as well. “Meanwhile I will continue to utilize these couple of months that I have in hand. I have already sat on the film’s edit for an entire last week and it is looking wonderful at it’s 2.5 hours duration”, informs Vivek while revealing his future plans, “Month of January would see some intense post production work happening. Everyone associated with Dulha Mil Gaya is supercharged and want to see it in theaters soon.” So when would one see Dulha Mil Gaya hitting the screens? “I am looking at an April/May release though we also have to keep in mind the IPL. If the cricket mania strikes again during this time period, we may bring Dulha Mil Gaya a little later. Why to fiddle around with your product when you have painstakingly worked on practically each and every frame of your film? I am ready to wait for a couple of weeks extra rather than fool around with my film for an early release date”, signs off Vivek.

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