Milind Soman responds to people’s reaction on his nude picture

Milind Soman, well-known to be India’s own Iron Man, is known for his physique and running multiple marathons. Being one of the few actors-models, who encourage fitness above everything else, he happened to have posted a nude picture of himself running on the beach to celebrate his birthday. His wife being the photographer, needless to say, the picture got a lot of heads turning for multiple reasons, mostly positive.

Milind Soman responds to people's reaction on his nude picture

Milind Soman said that it wasn’t really trolled, people reacted as if they have never seen anyone naked. However, he was sure that it was mostly because a lot of people were not used to the internet culture and they were mostly shocked. He further said that he knows what trolling is, and this wasn’t it. A lot of people lauded him and were amazed, but he ended up wondering about those that have to face criticism on a daily basis.

Milind Soman also said that it was his wife who clicked the picture and it wasn’t like he had hired a magazine or a photographer to do it. He also spoke about being compared to American culture and said that in America it is illegal to be nude, while it isn’t the case in India. He feels that it is India’s culture and if Instagram had a problem with his picture, they would have flagged it.

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