Bollywood celebs mourn death of Delhi rape victim

Bollywood celebs mourn death of Delhi rape victim

The New Year weekend didn't kick-start on a good note for the people of India as the young 23 year old Delhi gang-rape victim finally breathed her last this morning at a hospital in Singapore. As soon as news of her death was announced, it sent shockwaves throughout the country. B-town celebs too expressed their grief, shock and anger via Twitter. Here's what some of them had to say…

Amitabh Bachchan– "T 974 – 'Amanat', 'Damini' just a name now .. her body has passed away, but her soul shall forever stir our hearts !!!"

Ajay Devgn– "why does someone need to b sacrificed to start a revolution? I hope her sacrifice is not in vain! The bastards shd b hanged! Jai hind!"

Abhishek Bachchan– "I have always been a very proud Indian. Today, we should ALL be ashamed. Will it always take an innocents death for a nation to awake?"

Boman Irani– "She was like a soldier of revolution. If forgotten, the shame on us is greater than the one's we accuse!"

Farah Khan– "Every revolution has 2 happen inside 1st! Pls let's start by teaching r sons 2 respect women."

Vishal Dadlani– "We must be non-violent, yet strong, focussed and determined! The law must change. The mindset must change. The country MUST CHANGE!!"

Anubhav Sinha– "ASHAMED…. That I belong to a race that commits such heinous acts. My apologies to all women. RIP would be such a farce."

Karan Johar– "RIP to a brave girl who fought in a weak and paralysed country…….#shameonallofus!"

Kunal Kapoor– "I really hope, the anger that we all feel, does not disappear, after a couple of days and a few emotional tweets."

Ashish Chowdhry– "Shame. Shame on humanity. Shame on our country. Shame on justice..,even God's justice. Shame. N I don't think she'll "RIP". She'll need answers."

Anurag Kashyap– "I am ashamed.. And sorry .. And angry…"

Bipasha Basu– "Disheartened and disturbed! Rip the braveheart girl!"

Anupam Kher– "This is Death of Human Dignity, Death of Being an Indian, Death of Innocence and This is also Death of A System. India is Heart Broken. RIP."

Riteish Deshmukh– "Just heard the braveheart girl is no more. True fighter. Sad it takes a tragedy for us to wake up. Prayers with the family."

Arjun Rampal– "Amanat, has died and has left this country to hang its head down in shame. I sincerely do hope there will be redemption for her soul."

Sonam Kapoor– "This has been our country's most shameful moment. I hope we can atone for what has been done."

Mahesh Bhatt– "Shut all temples where you pretend to worship the female form. Cry India! Your hands are drenched with the blood of your own daughters."

Kunal Kohli– "It's a sad day today. It'll be even sadder if like everything else 'we' let this pass. Don't let system again get the better of us."

Gul Panag– "Wonder how many lives will be lost before we as a society fix ourselves?? And before our State takes corrective measures?"

Manoj Bajpayee– "With her death this country died many deaths! may she rest in peace !very depressing moment for the entire country."

Varun Dhawan– "Is this the way an Indian man wants his mother, daughter, sister and the countless other roles a women plays in life to be treated?"

Alia Bhatt– "She fought until her last breath! A brave young girl who deserved much more in life! This year ends on a devastating note."

Dia Mirza– "RIP dear one. I feel like a part of me died today."

Subhash Ghai– "I feel extremely sad at this tragedy. Nirbhaya left us with a deep awakening n alarm that we have to do lot at all levels to build up our society and nation with much more human dignity n national character. We deserve to live without any fear of evils in our own country. God bless her noble soul"

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