YRF to produce content for OTT and launch its own OTT platform?

Over the past year, the OTT market has seen a sharp increase in viewership with the Covid-19 lockdown leaving the audience with no other entertainment source. With the pandemic still raging, although certain locations have seen theatres resume business, OTT platforms that saw an increase in subscribers continue to enjoy a stable stream of viewers hungry for entertainment. Given this sudden and forced change in terms of content consumption, a number of filmmakers have been opting to release their films on OTT platforms. Now, we hear that one of India’s largest Bollywood production houses Yash Raj Films, led by Aditya Chopra is also contemplating launching their very own OTT channel.

YRF to produce content for OTT and launch its own OTT platform?

“OTT platforms have become the go to choice for the audience during the pandemic. In fact, almost all such streaming platforms have seen a marked increase in subscribers since the pandemic hit, and now with no signs of slowing down, OTT has fast become the most viable option not only for viewers but for filmmakers as well,” explains a well-placed trade source. Further talking about Aditya Chopra venturing into the OTT market, the source continues, “Aditya Chopra heads one of the biggest production houses in India and for him venturing into the OTT domain is not an easy decision. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered, from future content on the channel to acquisition to re-negotiating deals for content that have already been locked with other established OTT players.”

Ask the source whether any confirmed news of YRF’s OTT platform will be available in the near future and he adds, “Knowing Adi, he will definitely plan on making it big. So if he does decide on launching an OTT platform there will definitely be a big announcement. But at the moment one cannot really say with absolute certainty that Aditya will foray into this market. Yes, he is contemplating it, but nothing is a surety.”

Besides this the source also tells us that Aditya Chopra is also contemplating on producing content for the OTT platform. “Apart from launching their own OTT platform Aditya is looking at developing short format and long format content for OTT. The film division will obviously still be there but along with that OTT content will also be developed as a whole business model. This isn’t a small move so Adi will definitely weigh out the pros and cons of such a move before taking a decision.” Talking about OTT content production, the source continues, “OTT content and theatrical film content are very different, so it will quite literally be a different vertical at YRF. Given this, it not only is a move to capture a new market but will also entail immense investment within YRF itself.”

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