There is something in ETD for me to give it 100 days – Emraan Hashmi

There is something in ETD for me to give it 100 days - Emraan Hashmi

Just six months after his big success Raaz 3, Emraan Hashmi is back with Ek Thi Daayan. While this is not a typical horror film to come out of Bollywood, it is more in the range of a psychological thriller with scares. Over to hit-man Hashmi.

For someone who is used to working with hot-n-sexy women around him, how was it to share screen space with on-screen 'daayans' this time around?
(Laughs) I have obviously done a lot of films with a lot of beautiful women. Now with Ek Thi Daayan, I am upping the stakes. From just one or two, I am now with three of them. What more can a man want? Of course I have a lot of women to handle here but then I guess I have become three times luckier too.

While the film is now less than 100 hours away, the suspense is turning out to be a killer. Really, other than you being an illusionist and one of the three women out there being a 'daayan', nothing has been revealed around what the film is about. Do you wish to elaborate?
Of course I can't beyond a certain point (smiles). As you can see though, the film is about this illusionist and his dark past. A witch comes back into his life. She was someone who existed once upon a time and has not manifested herself. To add to the drama, this guy actually fears the presence of witches and one of them truly returns to haunt him. You would see that while in urban society we may shun it away as a fairy tale, the truth is being revealed as something else. A 'daayan' is finally emerging out of a story book. She is charismatic but then she is dangerous.

Meanwhile you have been charismatic in your own right, what with continued success coming your way in last few years. With the kind of box office standing that you enjoy today, were you okay with the film's title being female-centric?
I had a film family (Bhatts) that could have comfortably launched me as a male lead. Still, I started off as one of the characters in Footpath and then did Murder, which was about a female protagonist. I also did The Dirty Picture, which was female-centric. For me, what is of primary importance is that a film and a character should be pitched well. The story should draw me in. As for a title being male, female or whatever else centric, it doesn't even function in my conscience. Now that you are bringing this up, this has come to my mind for the first time. Having said that, obviously there is something in there for me because of which I have given the film 100 days of my life.

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