“Let’s get compensated”

Besides CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA and its negative reports, one more topic was hotly discussed in film circles the entire weekend. In fact, various text messages are doing the rounds of the industry after a recent award ceremony, to be precise. The spat between the Master of Ceremony and a successful film-maker has ruffled a few feathers. “Why are we invited for such events? To get insulted? To get humiliated? Why should we be the punching bags? Is this the price you pay for attending an award event?” screamed one film-maker. Another had this to say: “It has been noticed that the award ceremonies are an ideal place to settle scores. It’s easy to call people all kinds of names, even abuse them, and get away with it. But is it pardonable?”

While people may argue that the jokes ought to be taken lightly [no one means offence, they say], there’s yet another text-message that not only demands an end to such banter, but also a fee for all those participating in such events. This prominent producer’s [whose biggie released a few months ago] text message says it all: “We shall attend commercial awards only when they pay us our share of revenue that they generate from the sale of television rights — Rs. 10 lacs for each nominee and Rs. 20 lacs for every winner in major categories — since we too add value to these commercial shows, like those stars who dance to popular tracks and anchors who crack cheap jokes.”

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