Shah Rukh Khan to be chased by ’50 mulkon ki Police’ in Don-2?

On the sets of ‘Oye! It’s Friday’, Shah Rukh Khan and Farhan Akhtar found themselves in such a playful zone that it turned out to be a two-episode show instead of a single episode. Have a look at what to expect in the second and concluding episode that would be aired today. – Shah Rukh jokes about how it’s difficult to explain to his children the need for wearing makeup for macho roles. He also talks about how Indian Cinema is growing by leaps and bounds with young talent making Indian cinema go places. – Shah Rukh tries to relive the Mohabbatein moment as he ‘attempts’ playing the violin all over again. A difficult task for him because he is pitted against none other than Violin maestro Lakshminarayana Subramaniam, also known as Ambi, who in spite of being in just his 12th standard has already begun to follow in the footsteps of his father, the famous Violin Maestro Dr. L. Subramaniam. – This young genius gave his first performance at the age of seven and has already performed extensively in Indian and abroad.

Ambi has also performed with his father for Karnatic concerts at the prestigious Dussehra Festival at the Mysore Palace and recently performed at the Lincoln Center Out- of- Doors Festival. – Even though Shah Rukh believed that playing a violin was his ‘Dain haath ka khel’, all he could do was just ‘pretend’ playing the violin. However, once Ambi started playing it, SRK didn’t have any other choice but to admit that actors are after all only the face of the talent. However, the mischievous man that he is in real life, SRK did joke about how he would teach Ambi to ‘act’ while playing a violin. – Shah Rukh Khan also shared an interesting anecdote about a real life situation that he found himself in during the shoot of Mohabbatein. He reveals that he was so bad at playing the violin that Amitabh Bachchan and Aditya Chopra actually banned him from using a real violin, courtesy the kind of sounds that he produced while playing it. However, when it came to Ambi, his riveting performance got him a standing ovation from Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan and the entire Oye audience. – There is an interesting game played as well where Shah Rukh Khan is required to recognize his heroines. So how does he do that? Well, he uses his glasses, sunglasses and the torch! – One of the major highlights of the show involves Farhan Akhtar asking Shah Rukh to call a girl from the audience. The girl here turns out to be Silky. Well, SRK being SRK, he tells her – ‘Silky, I’m Milky’. He scares her though with his ever-so-famous ‘Madan Chopra’ dialogue from Baazigar. The girl is obviously shocked but this is when SRK does something that relaxes the atmosphere. What did he do? – Farhan Akhtar jokes that instead of ’11 mulkon ki Police’, there should been at least 50-60 countries involved or maybe even 3-4 planets. A possibility explored? Try doing that in Don 2! – On a serious conversation around ‘Brand SRK’, Shah Rukh again maintains that ‘He is not SRK; instead he works for SRK’. He also talks about how when something works, branding starts! He adds though that basic level of honesty is required in all what one does and though it is not necessary to rebel, one should not do wrong things because everybody is not a superhero. He also mentions that there is no alternative to hard work! – Shah Rukh Khan talks about his presence in 20-20 Cricket. He also jokes about how all his childhood pictures were the ones that showed him playing sports. He brings up his love for Chak De India and talks about the sorry state where children cannot tell their parents about their aspirations to be sportspersons. On this, Farhan requests parents to support children who are inclined towards sports. – Of course, how could a Farhan Akhtar show get completed without a gift being given to the guest? While Farhan does hand him over something interesting, Shah Rukh jokes that how Farhan could have asked him earlier about his choices and he would have been glad to send over a list. – Shah Rukh Khan makes a grand exit to one of his most popular songs of the decade. Any guesses?

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