Warning teams encounter with sharks sea snakes

Warning teams encounter with sharks sea snakes

This was one 'warning' that the makers of the namesake film pretty much saw coming. However, it was still a different ballgame altogether when it happened for real.

"When it was decided that Anubhav Sinha would take his cast, crew and director to Fiji for the shooting of Warning, it was known to one and all that this would be one fun adventure trip. However at the back of the mind, everyone also knew that it wouldn't be as easy as a pleasure trip usually is. After all, they had to stay deep within waters for most part of the day during the 42 day long shoot and there was danger lurking all around," informs a crew member.

Research of the deep waters had shown that despite all the precautions been taken as far choosing the right point in the ocean was concerned, there was still always a possibility of sea snakes and even sharks arriving out of nowhere. Not willing to take any risks, it was decided that a rescue team would always be around day in and night out. Producers Anubhav Sinha and Sunil Lulla were on the same page and the decision resulted in a sigh of relief for the fairly new cast that had been brought on board.

Says Manjari Fadnis, who incidentally is the most experienced of the cast that has come together for this film which is based on the 'survival' genre, "There were times we were in the middle of the shot and sea snakes encountered us from close by. Even as the camera was rolling, we had to hold the expression without reacting to the snakes around us."

Though usually underwater scenes are shot on a set or a pool for convenience of all involved, first time director Gurmmeet Singh wanted certain level of authenticity in his frames and was sure that his Warning had to be real.

Manjari continues, "Yes, we shot in live locations. Of course we never knew which animal may come from where. Other than snakes, occasionally we also had sharks around us. Of course we had safety around in the form of a rescue team that was a huge support. We always felt safe. Moreover our film's cinematographer Franz Pagot is a diver too and since he had extreme knowledge of ocean, he took personal care of us all. Without these guys around, it would have been very difficult to 'survive'. Pun intended!"

Well, once the film arrives in theatres, we would love to see these sea snakes and sharks on the big screen at the least!

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