Comeback girl Manjari has some Masti now gives a Warning

Comeback girl Manjari has some Masti now gives a Warning

She made an early impression with her debut film Rok Sako To Rok Lo (2004) which was almost a decade ago. Now she has made a massive comeback with Grand Masti which is inching towards the 100 crore mark. Meanwhile she is not feeling shy of giving a warning no less, what with Anubhav Sinha and Sunil Lulla produced Warning all set to hit the screens.

After a break of sorts, how did the two films happen one after another?
After Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa, I was waiting for a good offer. I didn't want to sign up anything and everything. Somehow, I was not excited about what was coming my way. I wanted to play main lead in a good and big banner film. See, I am very instinctive about offers. I did Zokkomon that was with Walt Disney. I had a great role in there and the film was very close to my heart. However, that took a little time for release. Meanwhile I was also doing a few projects down South. As for Bollywood I wanted to wait for the right film since you can't afford to take up wrong projects in Hindi.

So what came first – Grand Masti or Warning?
Warning was the first one that I signed. I was really excited after reading the script. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any actor. No films are really made in water. On the top of it, this is a 3D film. It is a very performance based film. (Smiles) As a matter of fact I am a water baby. I love oceans and the whole idea of being in South Pacific Ocean was great. I loved my role in there and was in Fiji for 2 months. That was the most beautiful and cherished time of my life.

What went behind Grand Masti?
Before going to Fiji, I had signed Grand Masti as well. I didn't talk much about it back then, since I knew that after shooting in sun for two months, I would return all boiled. I wondered if Induji (Indra Kumar) will say that yeh woh ladki toh nahi hai jise sign kiya tha (laughs). I was tanned and burnt and wondered if they would tell me that shooting was no more possible with me. However two days after I returned from Warning, I started shooting for Grand Masti. Thankfully Induji recognised me even though my mother refused to accept me (smiles).

Grand Masti is a huge superhit today. However considering the fact that it is an adult comedy, were you personally comfortable with all the jokes?
Did we have a choice? (Laughs) We all were aware that it is a sex comedy. I am very chilled out though in real life and was fine with all the jokes. It was just difficult to be performing in front of so many people though because when you are cracking such jokes in front of close friends, it is a different ballgame altogether. Though I knew that even if there would be 1% inhibition in my performance, it would spoil the show. Hence I was totally 'bindaas'.

You are totally 'bindaas' in Gurmmeet Singh directed Warning too, right?
Well, not exactly. Though I start off as a firebrand school girl in the flashback sequence where I am totally bindaas and cool, a few years later when during the reunion I am mellowed down. I am much more headstrong here. It is a very contrasting character in both the films.

The film is a water show all the way. How did you cope with that?
In real life I am a water baby but sadly in the film I am playing hydrophobic. I had to act as if I am scared out there though I was just enjoying being there in the middle of nowhere. It was difficult though to shoot under water, give expressions and also hold breath. This kind of performance was the toughest thing for me. You know what, when I was taken for Scuba diving training, I didn't want to come out of water since I found it all peaceful.

With the film comprising of beaches and babes, are there any bikinis coming into play as well?
Bikini? Well, I think there is a surprise in the offering (winks). Of course we would be seen in lesser clothes for most part of the film since we are in water. However, I have done it all within my own parameters.

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