Javed Jafferis Eggjactly from Jackpot makes Censors see red

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…The worst fears have come true for Javed Jafferi's rap song in Jackpot, which is titled 'Eggjactly'. A risque number that took an anti-corruption stand while also being as double meaning as it gets, 'Eggjactly' was always sitting on a live bomb. However, even though producer-actor Sachiin Joshi felt that Censor Board would be able to see humour in the song, he was only hoping against hope as in the very first listening, the song was banned from being included in the film.

"The moment Censor Board members heard 'Eggjactly', they were shocked. Reason being that the song picks up everything from Commonwealth scam to politicians sticking to their chair to India going bankrupt since Independence in 1947 to many unfortunate incidents that have taken place over the years in cities like Bhagalpur, Bhopal, Godhra, Ayodhya and Mumbai, to name a few. Not just that as Bofors and Lokpal haven't been spared either. Though the song takes a hard hitting stand against corruption, Javed's rendition was so scathing that Censors felt it was best that the song was chopped off from any further circulation," informs a source.
Though the song is already a part of the music CDs, the message is clear for the Sunny Leone starrer that it can't find a way in the narrative.

"No one has been spared in the song, right from billionaires to the 'aam aadmi' who is no less a culprit when it comes to being a part of corruption. If that wasn't enough, the double meaning lyrics were further deterrent for the song to be censored. Since beeps are no more permissible, the only choice for the makers was to mute the words. However if the team of 'Jackpot' would have consented to that, practically entire song would have been muted out and only the musical instruments being heard," quips an insider.

For Javed Jafferi, this could well have been an opportunity to deliver yet another hit song for director Kaizad Gustad after his chartbuster track 'Mumbhai' [Bombay Boys]. While one waits to see if that happens on the online medium where there are no censors to clip its wings, in the film's narrative he still has some hopes going with the makers still making a last effort to allow the song in as-is format.

However, deep inside their hearts, everyone who has heard 'Eggjactly' believes that it is not just an uphill but seemingly an impossible task.

Few lines from the song:
Foreign scam, Coalgate, Cricket ho ya tail
Bigshot jhol karo and take the bail
Politics, politics kya hai yeh khel
Upar deshbhakti neeche country for sale
Hum iski lenge, hum uski lenge
Woh lenge hum denge
Oye bhen#$#$ 2G, 3G, itne saare kaand
Khulte hain jab kaand
Phat jaati hai… pant
What you thoughts?
Commonwealth! to dekho pat gayi hai
Aur common man ki jeb kat gayi hai
Main bhi Anna, main bhi Anna, dum nahi hai
Aur common man bhi kuchh kam nahi hai

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