Shekhar Suman bows out of the race for Bhushans wife

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Shekhar Suman bows out of the race for Bhushans wife It was essentially a choice between a wife and a son. And the wife won. Apparently, Shekhar Suman was very keen to release his son Adhyayan's comeback film Heartless on January 31.

But Bhushan Kumar's wife Divya Khosla's film Yaariyan was opening on the same day.

Shekhar who directs his son's comeback film had no choice but to relocate his release date. Says the concerned father, "I did zero in on January 31 for our film's release after many many months of delay! You see, Heartless is my first film as a producer and director. I had no idea what I was getting into, and how to complete and release the film on time. We originally planned to release it on April 28, 2012. But I had to hastily change my plans because I had no idea post-production would take such a long time."

Finally January 31, 2014 was decided. "I wanted Krrish 3, Dhoom 3 and Jai Ho out of the way and Jan 31 seemed perfect. But then Bhushan called and said his wife's film was releasing on Jan 31. So I had no choice but to move ahead by a week."

Apparently, Bhushan wants a "free" Friday for his wife's film and has asked all concerned filmmakers to make adjustment accordingly.

Shekhar says he's fine with the postponement. "I just had to move by a week. February 7 is a terrific date. I love the number 7. It's one of the best numbers. It's also the number approved by my tarot card reader. I don't do anything without consulting her. My son has waited so long to make a comeback. One extra week won't affect him."

Shekhar agonizes over Adhyayan's 3 years of wilderness. "Addy's first film Raaz 2 was a hit. His second film Jashn featured him as a musician, something like what Aditya Roy Kapur did in Aashiqui 2. Mahesh Bhatt Saab who produced Jashn compared Adhyayan to James Dean. But the film was never publicized properly. It crashed. And my boy's career nose-dived."

Worst of all, Adhyayan got into a stormy relationship with Kangna Ranaut. Says the defensive father, "Addy got into the wrong relationship. So many other people fall for the wrong girl. They don't pay such a heavy price for it. Addy's life was turned upside down. Fortunately those hard times are behind us now. Addy is ready to rise and shine again."

Shekhar Suman says his son's comeback film Heartless is an emotional journey of a young man from falling ill to healing.

"My son, our little angel, Ayush (who passed away at the age of 11) is watching from Heaven. He's our guardian angel. He will make sure his brother's 3-year exile would come to a happy ending. Addy has suffered immensely but now he is a tougher guy and a better actor. Pain is the best learning curve in anyone's life."

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