Desi ‘Angelina Jolie’ Esha Gupta to make her Bollywood debut

Its common news that Bollywood has tried and still is trying to ape its western counterpart Hollywood. However, now we hear that Bollywood is all set to get its very own Angelina Jolie, what’s more this lass is all of 22 years and is ready to make her debut in the world of films. The girl in question is the former Miss India finalist Esha Gupta, who will be making her entry in tinsel ville with the film Hum Aap Aur Pyaar, a romantic comedy set in South Africa. The film is being produced by the Desai Brothers. Esha had earlier taken the fashion industry by storm, and ever since then has continued to make waves in the world of glitz and glamour. However, it was her stirking resemblance to the Hollywood bombshell Angelina Jolie that made Bollywood sit up and take notice of the Delhi beauty. We bet that a girl who is about to make her debut in films and is already being compared to one of the world sexiest women feels on top of her game right now. The film Hum Aap Aur Pyaar wasn’t planned and just happened is what we always hear, but we are told that this was just chance as the producer Dhanesh Desai wanted to introduce a new girl, but was unsuccessful. Later while they were holding an audition in Delhi, before the actual event, the producer, his brother and the director were stunned to see Angelina walk in. Nevertheless, they soon realized that it was Esha and after a quick casting and audition routine she bagged the role.

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