Bollywoods Astro-architect Neeta Sinha

Bollywoods Astro-architect Neeta Sinha

Bollywood is possibly the one of the very few places wherein anyone and everyone can survive, if they have the right mixture of hard work, luck and patience. While hard work and patience are inborn, these days the luck factor can be enhanced, courtesy the astrologers, numerologists etc… Amidst the whole clutter, shines a name called 'Neeta Sinha', who is a self confessed 'Astro-architect' and is majorly responsible for many a star's career turn-around by analyzing what she calls as the 'horoscope' of the house.

To know more about the art and the lady behind the art, Satish Sundaresan of Bollywood Hungama met Neeta Sinha in her palatial house in the heart of Mumbai and came back mighty impressed. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Neeta, to start with, what does the term 'Astro-Architecture' means?
In simple words, it's a combination of astrology and the architectural dimensions that helps in balancing the energies of a place.

How did your journey into this field start?
My fascination towards the divine was inborn but I was a non- believer of the occult sciences. It's actually ironical that today I practice the same. A chance encounter with my guru (late) Dr L.N. Kusuma (a student of K.S. Krishnamurthy), changed my life and pulled me into this field. Dr. Kusuma, who was a Master in Astrology and a researcher of Cosmic Science, had predicted 3 things for me, all of which came true. That was the turning point in my life which made me a staunch believer in astrology and I spent the next 7 years, as his disciple, mastering the same, especially the 'KP system'.

What do you mean by the term 'horoscope' of the house?
In astrology, the date, time and place of birth help to create an individual's birth chart, or a horoscope. Similarly, in 'Astro-Architecture', I create a horoscope of the house based on the direction of the place along with the name, age, occupation and type of business of its occupants. This horoscope also is then divided into 12 sectors, depicting similar aspects of an individual's life. Among these 12 sectors lie the positive and negative corners of the house, which I then go ahead and balance accordingly.

How easy or difficult was getting access to Bollywood celebrities?
It was very difficult to get access to Bollywood celebrities initially as one has to go through someone who is already known (common friend) in their circle. Understandably, they would only trust people who they already know and socialize with.

Tell us about your first brush with a Bollywood celebrity.
My first brush with a Bollywood celebrity was with Kirron Kher. At that time, she was hosting a TV chat show called 'Jaagte Raho' in which she interviewed people related to similar fields like Vastu, Astrology etc. I was very keen to explain my science to the audience. Unfortunately for me, it was a bit late when I met her because she said that all of the show's episodes had already been shot. But she was so impressed with my work that she took my advice for her home and then referred me to a lot many people both inside and outside the industry.

Your association with the legendary Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most talked about associations. Was it difficult to convince him to listen to you?
I met him at the time when he was going through a bad phase in his career. It was around the same time that he had shifted from his earlier home 'Prateeksha' to 'Mansa'. He had already consulted a number of astrologers, Vaastu consultants etc. and since he was not getting any results, he was not very keen to meet me. I was recommended to him by a very dear friend of mine, who is very close to the Bachchan family. When I visited Big B's house, I immediately recognized that the entry to their new home was in a negative area and hence, was stalling progress in his professional career.

I advised him to re-name the bungalow from 'Mansa' to something starting with 'J'. Although apprehensive at first, he renamed the bungalow to 'Jalsa'. Within a week, he grabbed 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' (KBC) and the rest is history. He now asks me to look at any property he invests in, or whenever he has to make any change. I feel very honored that everyone in their family really respects me and make me feel like a part of it.

Bollywoods Astro-architect Neeta Sinha

Do only actors form your client list or are there any directors and producers who consult you? If yes, what are the areas that they take your advice?
Yes. People like Vipul Shah, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ritesh Sidhwani and others have come to me for consultation. Besides looking for a happy and prosperous professional and personal life, they of course want to make sure their projects run smoothly and are successful.

It's said that even aroma and colours can have miraculous effects on an individual. How true it is?
It's true that aroma and colours can have tremendous effects on an individual. And my science of Astro-Architecture has always proven that. I remember that when Kirron Kher was expecting a National award, I had asked her to add the color red to the 'name and fame corner' in her home. She did that and, she bagged the award that year!

Who all form your client list in Bollywood?
I really feel privileged to have worked with some of the biggest names in this country, viz., Amitabh Bachchan, Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar and many others.

What were the changes that you said and to which celebrity?
Normally, if someone has a bungalow, then I prescribe a name for it, which would help balance the energies there. Testimonies to this stand in the form of the bungalow names of Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan. However if someone has a flat, I see in whose name it is owned/ rented out. For example, when Akshay Kumar was buying his flat, I suggested him to buy it in his original name (Rajiv Bhatia) as that would be more helpful. Obviously besides the name, I do recommend very simple changes like adding colors, plants, mirrors, fountains etc. to balance the energies.

Bollywoods Astro-architect Neeta SinhaDo you restrict yourself only to Bollywood stars? Or are you approachable are you to the common man as well?
I am approachable to anyone and everyone. One look at my client list, you will see that the ratio of common folks exceeds the celebrities! However, since it's not possible for me to go everywhere, I encourage people to send plot maps or architectural drawings of their premises with clearly marked directions. This is both cost effective and quick, and almost provides similar results to that of a personal visit.

Till date, which Bollywood celebrity has been your most memorable client?
It has to be Twinkle Khanna! She is a non-believer of occult sciences and always teases me about the same whenever we meet up. However, she still always takes my advice and implements all my suggestions.

In Bollywood, there have been many instances of one star selling his/ her flat to another. Why does it so happen that while one flat proves to be lucky for one star and the same flat don't bring any luck for the other?
This is a very valid point and it is something that cannot be explained in Vastu. It is because we have to understand that an individual and his house energies are deeply inter-connected. In fact, during my research with my Guruji, we were riddled by the same questions that how can a certain premises be fruitful for one but can spell disaster for the other? And, why in a high rise building, where Vastu is the same for all units, some people prosper whereas the others lag behind? Our study continued until finally we found our answer in drawing a horoscope of the premises. We were successful in combining the laws of Astrology, Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui and got the answer as to how an individual and his house energies are interconnected.

Bollywoods Astro-architect Neeta SinhaDo you also do film predictions?
No, I am not into film predictions.

Lastly, what's the tip/s that you want to give to our readers to make their house 'perfect'?
Firstly, I would suggest keeping the main entrance of your home and office well lit, neat and clean. Always keep your house also clutter free. If you notice a certain area in your home that requires constant repair work, try adding orange elements there. Always let your children decide what colours they would want for their room. Their intuition is very strong and that just should not be overlooked.

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