I made lots of mistakes myself – Preity Zinta Part 2

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Preity Zinta With the return of the IPL season, Bollywood's sunshine girl Preity Zinta is much busier than ever before. While on one hand, she has the huge responsibility of her team Kings XI Punjab on her shoulders, on the other, she is now all set to be super busy about which she had just hinted in the first part of this interview.

Here's presenting the much awaited second half of this interview with Preity Zinta, wherein she clears many floating rumors, her future plans etc… Over to you Preity:

Preity, how did you react to the latest rumors that were doing the rounds about you selling off your house to pay off some debts?
At least you are saying 'selling the house'… there were even such rumors which stated that I was 'renting my house to move into other house so that I can pay my debts'. At first I laughed about it, and then ignored it…till the time I realized it that it was snowballing into something else only. I will appreciate if the so-called 'rumor creators' understand the fact that, I am not just a mere actress about whom they can write anything, but, I am also an entrepreneur. What I want from the media is that at least ask me the authenticity of particular news or a rumor to make life easier for both of us. Also, if one has to really spread a rumor about me, and then let it be a positive one na! Let it be a rumor that states I have won an Oscar! (Smiles).

Talking about rumors, after being in the industry for so long, what's the weirdest rumor that you have ever heard about you?
The latest rumor is that I have embraced Islam and have got converted into a Muslim! Even though I have utmost respect for Islam, I really don't know where this rumor came from!

Post your maiden film production Ishq in Paris' debacle; will you still continue to make films?
Yes, very much. Tell me one production house or one actor who hasn't had failure. I take everything as a learning experience. With my maiden venture, I think I got an indication of where I was heading. I never had so much of bad luck in one film. Firstly, when we landed in Paris, it was 2 degree Celsius, and when we started shooting, it became minus 23 degrees! Post that, somebody committed suicide on the train tracks, because of which the shooting had to be stopped. This was followed by the train breaking down. Then the film's director got cancer and then, his father passed away. And then I did a deal to sell the film to a gentleman. Two days later, he and his brother shot themselves! My promos came back four times in a row. My film, which was supposed to take 6-8 months, took almost 2 years to come out! And ultimately, when it was released, I simply looked up and said, "Thank God!" After that, we even partied irrespective of the film's fate at the BO! It was a really great learning curve for me.

So do you attribute this failure to bad luck or bad timing?
I can't blame everything on bad luck, as I made lots of mistakes myself. But I am really happy that all my wrong choices came with all the bad luck. Imagine if my luck was great, and I had made all the wrong choices! Even though there was so much chaos, I can confidently assure you that not even a single person had lost even a single rupee on my film. That's my salvation.

What's happening on your endorsement front?
You are going to see me doing lots of brands this year. Earlier, I had to walk out of my brands due to my commitment towards cricket (IPL). At that time, I wasn't as bright and forward thinking like Shah Rukh to integrate the brands in my team. I also left some brands (like fairness creams) on ethical grounds. But this year, as I said, 'watch out for me'.

Are there any plans of coming back to TV, since you have already done a show called 'Up Close & Personal with PZ'?
If anything interesting comes my way, then I will surely take it up. But, as of now, my whole focus is totally bent towards working and executing my master plan, which has been one of my biggest dreams. And it's definitely not my marriage, as you would like to think (laughs heartily).

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