What Bewakoofiyaan taught us

What Bewakoofiyaan taught us

Bewakoofiyaan released this week and there are some understated gems that Bollywood Hungama would like to share with you.

– A well educated man with a six digit salary would realize only on his last transaction at an ATM that his account balance is left at just a three digit mark

– A middle class officer would scoff at a lunch bill of Rs. 2000 but wouldn't hesitate a second in shelling out Rs. 3.5 lakhs for a pair of engagement rings

– A much in love couple would continue days of separation over a silly argument but won't pick up the phone or even send a text to patch up

– This piece of advice could even come in from an over-smart much junior staff within nano-seconds of her coming back to the workplace after a holiday

– Since it is a Bollywood movie, a situation can be created to randomly introduce a song in Dubai to lend the narrative a much up-market look

– A Romeo & Juliet re-dux can be created on this part of the century with the Romeo actually entering through the balcony to meet, well, the Juliet's father. Wait, and that too repeatedly!

– Never ask an old man if he is busy or free to talk. He may have retired but not jobless.

– It is cool to open an email account with a Username where the surname comes first followed by initials of the first and middle name. However it is un-cool to throw this combination in a regular conversation

– If you are in love with a girl, be prepared to present xerox copies of your driving license, PAN card number, IT returns, bank statements and most importantly, Aadhaar card to your prospective father-in-law

– Yash Raj Films have the potential to make an entire movie in the budget reserved for the shoot of a single song in Dhoom 3

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