I am possessive and protective about Abhishek Varman – Alia Bhatt

I am possessive and protective about Abhishek - Alia Bhatt

She made her mark as one of the hottest teen in Bollywood with Dharma Productions's Student Of The Year and later got acclaimed for her remarkable role as Veera in Highway. Alia Bhatt, the daughter of one of the most intelligent filmmakers of our times gets into a candid chat with Bollywood Hungama and the actress shares some of the beautiful moments while shooting for 2 States with Arjun Kapoor and Abhishek Varman along with some personal tidbits like dealing with link-up rumours, her rapport with her contemporary Parineeti Chopra and a lot more in this tete-a-tete.

Not being born in a South Indian family, why did you choose to play the Tamilian girl in 2 States and how difficult was it to fit into the shoes of that character?
Even if I was offered the role of a murderer I would do it! I am not going by what I am as a person. Being a South Indian was of course a challenge but I go by what the character is and what the story is. Of course, I had read the book and for me it was a dream come true to do a role like this. It was obviously not easy to play a Tamilian girl like Ananya. It's challenging because there is a kind of body language and there is a certain way you look at people, there is a pride that you have of your culture. Also, I am supposed to be playing a Bharatnatyam dancer, so there is certain posture that I take. But, I was playing a modern day Tamilian girl. She talks in Tamil probably when she talks to her family. She has all her thoughts in place. She is fiery, spunky, witty and quite forward in her thinking yet she is cultured in her own way. That's what made it more interesting.

How difficult was it wearing a saree for the film… was it your first time? How did u manage to shoot?
It wasn't easy to wear a saree for this film! But once you are in the costume, it is like half the job done. You can slip into the character easily and also, I was wearing lenses in the film, so that too kinda made it more interesting

Your chemistry with Arjun Kapoor is the talk of the town… How difficult was to build that bond with him?
Whenever we try to do something perfect, it always backfires! What we were doing was playing our own characters and the middle ground that we find together to play off each other as two characters was what we did! Also, the great amount of chemistry that came across was because of the awkwardness we had since we didn't know each other. Also, the fact that we are so honest to each other helped us. Rather, it kinda helped our performances in a way that you would not gauge.

Revathy is a superstar down South … How was the experience of working with her?
Acting with Revathy was fantastic and as you said she is a superstar because she is that good an actor. What she brings to the table is not just dialogues but also that sense of motherhood around me which really made the film a much more memorable experience. Also, she used to correct my lines in Tamil whenever I made a mistake.

How was it acting with this mix team of youngsters like Abhishek and veterans like Amrita Singh and Ronit Roy?
Yes, they are truly veterans considering that Ronit Roy is a very famous TV and film personality and Amrita Singh is so hilarious and the funny fact is that she never realizes how humorous she is. I had a great time working with all of them. Abhishek is a dear friend of mine and I am so possessive and protective about him that it's not even funny! And I genuinely haven't met anyone who is more honest and hard working than him. He is made this film with lots of love and respect to the book and I believe only he could have adapted '2 States' the way he did.

2 States is the first film to have been shot on the IIM, Ahmedabad campus… how was it shooting in this reputed university?
It was very exciting since it was also an important part of the book. It is where Krish and Ananya meet for the first time. So that was a big treat for us because now the audience will connect to the film since we are actually shooting in IIM Ahmedabad. That in itself was a great achievement! Also, I am playing an Economics topper, a MBA student, something that I would never do in my life. That bit was very exciting!

Music of 2 States is catching up … what are your friends' reactions to the soundtrack?
My friends are in love with it! The music is conventional but it has an unconventional twist and is quite edgy. I think Shankar Ehsaan Loy have done a great job. This is the first time I am working with them and it is very special. 'Mast Magan' is one of my personal favourites from the film. I am very fortunate to work with the best in the business when it comes to music; whether its Vishal – Shekhar (Student Of The Year), A R Rahman (Highway) or Shankar Ehsaan Loy (2 States) .

Has any of your friend or relative gone through the 2 States situation during their marriage … have you helped them in their situation?
Yes I have known people who have gone through this situation! But no… help, I can't help! Even with the film, we are not trying to help anyone. It's just that we want people to relate to this situation and I am sure there will be many, considering that in our country, inter caste marriages are like the biggest event in your life. If you are not married then you know…! It's like that film I saw called Bride Wars where she says, 'This marks the day of your birth, you getting married, you have been dead all this time. You getting married is a big deal.' So getting married in our country is of great importance, so everybody can relate to this film.

I am possessive and protective about Abhishek - Alia Bhatt

While this film is more of romance, you played Veera with aplomb… In future, would you like to do more serious films?
I feel that if I have to do a film like Highway then I have to be convinced with it because it exhausted me a lot. Of course, I have plans to do all of that in the future but I have to come across the right film.

You have been a victim of rumours since the release of SOTY… first you were linked with Varun and now with Arjun… How do you deal with them?
I don't deal with this! It's not like I have to hold myself when I read this news. It's a part and parcel of this industry, so you just have to make peace with it.

People have been tagging you as the 'young Kareena' when it comes to your style… your reaction on this?
Obviously I am flattered! But I don't think it's anyway close to the truth because I don't feel anybody is like her.

You recently attended the show on Koffee With Karan with your contemporary and so called competitor Parineeti Chopra. Why again on Koffee With Karan and how was the experience?
Actually, Karan called me and said 'Alia, we have taken a poll and people want to see you and Parineeti together on the couch' and asked me if I could come and I said, 'of course'. Why would I say no to something like that and I had a great time with Pari. She is a hilarious girl.

Some of them have inhibitions in acting with older stars, do you have any?
Not at all! I don't understand this concept of old or younger stars. For me, age is just a number!

Now that your singing received a lot of appreciation, are you planning to pursue it in a professional way like Priyanka?
I do plan to take my music career forward but not right now! I would be planning for it much later.

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