Delhi-6 is 2 hours 18 mins long

At 2 hours 18 minutes, Delhi-6 is Rakeysh Mehra’s shortest film to date. “But it’s not as if I’ve made a conscious decision to shorten the film,” averred Rakeysh Mehra just before he left for the US. “Every film has its own length, its own destiny. Who am I to decide how long a film should be? The script decides it for the film.” While Rakeysh’s directorial debut Aks and Rang De Basanti were far longer in duration, Delhi-6 is shorter in spite of the large number of actors and characters. Says Rakeysh, “I left the film’s length to my editor Bharati (Bharati is the director’s wife and has edited all his three films so far). After I completed my shooting and surrendered the footage to her I wasn’t even allowed to enter the editing room. So what you’ll see in the film is what Bharati decided to retain.”

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