Without Kareena Kapoor and romance picture CID ban jaati – Ajay Devgn on Singham Returns

Without Kareena and romance picture CID ban jaati - Ajay Devgn on Singham Returns

With 100 crore under its belt, Singham Returns is now a Superhit inside a week. While one waits to see the greater distance that it travels from this point on, the fact remains that audience has accepted this Ajay Devgn-Rohit Shetty film in a major way.

However, there is also a common refrain around the romantic angle in the film. Reason being that even though Kareena Kapoor has done well in making each of her scene count, for some out there Singham Returns pretty much stands for an action-dramatic-thriller which doesn't really warrant anyone singing around the trees.

"Aise mein aapko public ka reaction dekhna chahiye. You would see good laughter from them on the romantic track as well as comedy that Kareena is bringing. She is the one who compliments the film in making it a complete entertainer. Yeh hindustan hai, yahan one track picture nahi chalti. You need humor and romance. Thoda narrative mein relief chahiye hota hai. Woh humour bhi waise genuine hona chahiye. Ye nahi ki buffoonery kar di comedy ke naam par. Whatever Kareena and romantic track bring in the film, it is much required. Warna hamaari Singham Returns kuch hi time mein 'CID' ban jaati," quips Ajay.

In fact Ajay was very sure of how Rohit had plans to integrate this angle in the fast paced narrative of the cop drama.

"When I saw the first 20 minutes of the film, I thought that picture toh bhaag rahi hai and it is too fast to handle. Then came romance and humor which brought in some 'thehrav'. After that it was drama and from there the film took off in a major way. Such kind of ups and lows are really required in a Hindi film warna repeat value nahi hoti," reasons Ajay.

It is this repeat value that Singham Returns is fetching which is helping it win over the masses in a big way. Still, wouldn't it have helped had the series of incidents been a little less predictable with drama quotient going a notch higher?

"You pick up any of the big films. You would see the simpler they are, the better it is for the final product and of course the audience," says Ajay, "Yes, we kept Singham Returns simple because as long as the emotions connect, audience would root for it. Results are there to be seen."

Today Ajay Devgn is happy that after banking on the brand value of Singham, he has managed to win over new set of fans for the franchise.

"Woh connect first part mein hi baith gaya tha and for the sequel it was a conscious decision taken ki picture ko superhero ya high octane affair nahi banaayenge. We wanted to keep things as real as possible. Yeh aap action sequences mein bhi dekh sakte ho. Aisa nahi hai ki ek ghoonsa maara aur 50 log hawaa mein chale gaye. Thoda realistic hai instead of being a lot over the top, due to which multiplex audience has been won over as well," smiles Ajay before signing off.

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