John Abraham gears up for ultimate action in Kaakha Kaakha remake

Following the debacle of his purportedly premium product, Jhootha Hi Sahi, which was expected to take the star’s career to a new level, there’s hyper-activity on John Abraham’s front. The pinup star is pumping up the iron and toning those muscles for a renewed bout of celluloid machismo. Apparently, John has halted the shooting of key action sequences in his first fully-fledged action film, the Hindi remake of the Tamil blockbuster Kaakha Kaakha. Apart from Bollywood’s best action director Allan Amin, John has now ordered an action team from South Africa to supervise his stunts. Director Nishikant Kamat confirms that John is at the moment shooting non-action scenes. "We’ll do the action scenes later. I cannot do those loud larger-than-life stunts sequences where the hero beats up twenty adversaries single-handedly. The action in my film has to be in the more realistic yet hardcore commercial space. It’s a challenge for both me and John. For me, commercial cinema is new. I’ve butterflies in my stomach every time I go on the sets." John is nervous too. According to a source very close to John, it’s goodbye to experimental characters. No more playing against personality for John Abraham. No more nerdy or dying characters. Its muscles and beefcake all the way as the pinup boy acquires an adrenaline-pumping chest-thumping image for his next. With his last two films Ashaayein and Jhootha Hi Sahi not doing well you would think John Abraham’s producers are in the process of a serious re-think. Far from being discouraged, the makers of the next John starrer are actually in the process of enhancing the original material. The Hindi remake of Kaakha Kaakha which is John’s first full-on action film would now have more action scenes and less of the dialogue and drama. As far as the box-office is concerned, Nishikant Kamat remains unfazed by the performance of John’s films. "My producer Vipul Shah and I signed John for the Kaakha Kaakha remake because we saw him doing the action hero’s part to perfection. So far no film has tapped that side of him. John will be performing some of the most dangerous stunts ever seen in our films."

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