Censors chop off Babaji Ka Ghanta from Happy New Year

Farah Khan's 3-hour long marathon heist film Happy New Year has received a 'U' certificate from the Censor Board Of Film Certification. But with cuts.

While no one seems to have any objection to the phrase 'Babaji Ka Thullu' that has been patented by Kapil Sharma on Comedy Nights With Kapil amd which is now rattled off by 5-year old kids all over the country, the censor board objected to a similar sounding phrase 'Babaji Ka Ghanta' in Farah Khan's Happy New Year.

A member of the film's team spills the beans. "The term 'Babaji Ka Ghanta' was found to be vulgar by the censor board. We didn't want to use 'Babaji Ka Thullu' because it would have looked like we were copying Kapil. But when the censor board objected to 'ghanta' we had no choice but to replace it with 'thullu'."

Kapil must either be laughing all the way to the bank or fuming all the way to his lawyers.

There are other verbal changes ordered by the censor board.

A character's comment on someone's posterior as being a 'muscular ass' had to be replaced by 'muscular bum' Says the team member from the film, "The censors found 'ass' objectionable. But they were okay with 'bum'. At another point in the dialogue we had to replace 'Ki' in 'Teri Maa Ki' with background music."

And finally the beer bar where Deepika Padukone dances (she is a bar dancer in the film) had to carry a big prominent disclaimer saying alcohol is injurious to health. Ok then.

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