I havent directed Zid – Vivek Agnihotri

The last few days, there was the typical 'yes-yes-no-no' game which was played between the makers of the film Zid. This happened as a certain section of the media reported that the film's director Vivek Agnihotri had walked out of the project, due to creative differences. However, the film's producer Anubhav Sinha at that point denied the fall-out stating that "Vivek Agnihotri is very much a part of the film." This was followed up with the release of the film's poster with Vivek Agnihotri being credited as the director.

Though when we spoke to Vivek Agnihotri after the poster launch, he said that he is not the director of the film and he had left the film months ago. Says Vivek, "Anubhav Sinha is also a good friend of mine and stays in the same building. He was stuck with the film (Zid) and had asked me to do it. The film which 'I was making' was a psychological thriller. After I did one schedule, Anubhav printed some posters of the film. Later, he asked me to convert the film into an erotic thriller, something which I totally disagreed to do. After that, I had a word with him and eventually walked out of the film. This incident is something which had happened almost seven months back. After that, I even told him to not put my name on the posters. But it was totally his choice to do so. But, as far as I am concerned, I am totally out of the film. I am even clueless about how the film has shaped up. You tell me, how I can own a film, which I haven't finished it completely."

When probed further, Vivek opened up a bit more saying, "The most crucial scenes of the film with one major song are being done by them. Even the star cast was brought in (signed up) to be a part of a psychological thriller and not an erotic thriller. Of the star cast, the film's heroine Barbie Handa is my discovery, who is a name to watch out for in the days to come. Whatever I have shot with her, she has done a fantastic job. Earlier, Anubhav had even sent me an email stating that I (Vivek) will be disassociating with the film. After that, he said that he will come and meet me, which never happened. All said and done, I have nothing against him (Anubhav) or the film. I just want people to know that I am out of the film. I wish Anubhav all the best and let him, in whatever way, promote it. All that I want to say is that I am out of the film on moral grounds."

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