Zaid Ali Says No to Hollywood Movie

Zaid Ali

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Zaid AliZaid Ali T is a 19 years old young entertainer who wants to die as someone who changed people’s perspectives. The main purpose of this energetic entertainer is to bring smile at everyone’s face and to make them feel happy.

Canadian Youtube sensation Zaid Ali has announced on Wednesday that he has refused to play a role in Hollywood upcoming film due to a kissing scene involved.

Being true to yourself and your morals is one of the best feelings and it shows that you have achieved something in your life.  Insh’Allah there’s something better written for me, maybe not. But I am very happy with my decision,” he said.

With over 147,000 Twitter followers, Above 2 million Facebook fans, the young star quickly became a household name for desis around the world. Zaid Ali T is the first choice for the entire young enthusiast when it comes to entertainment based on real life situations.

Each and every message communicated in Zaid Ali T’s videos are simply applauding and joyful while staying in boundaries, without making fun of races, caste and creed. That is the real essence of this him and is greatly enjoyed all around the globe.

The uploading videos comically pointed out differences between ‘desi’ and ‘white’ people. Over the span of 4 years Zaid has more than one hundred videos on his Youtube channel.

According to the latest update, Hollywood wanted a piece of the funny man who took to his Facebook page. On Wednesday evening Zaid announced that he had received an offer from Hollywood film but declined due to a kissing scene.

He said that he could never imagine doing something of the sort and that he had always told himself that he would never “sell himself out” regardless of how much money and fame it would bring him.

Be that as it may, Zaid videos continue to go viral on various social media platforms and we hope the talented star continues to make us laugh with his witty videos.

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