Pooja organised at Smita Patil’s residence on her 25th death anniversary

Since the last 24 years, the late Smita Patil’s family has a pooja on her death anniversary on 13th of December. It’s a small family affair where only her parents, sisters, Prateik and his cousins attend. All of them gather at the Bandra home and remember the legendary actress Smita. However, this year, an elaborate pooja at home has been planned, as this year also marks the 25th year of Smita Patil’s death. Not just that, it marks Prateik’s 25th year. Needless to say that, this is an extremely emotional time for the family. Prateik makes his debut this year (as a lead actor) with Dhobi Ghat and Smita Patil would’ve loved to see her son on the celluloid. Prateik was only 15 days old, when his mother passed away. He has been bought up by his grandparents and maasis. He has always been surrounded and cushioned by his family. Recently, at the Lincon Center in New York, the family was left teary eyed at the retrospective. Prateik confirms the pooja bit and said, "Yes, my grandparents wanted to have a nice pooja at home. In fact, all the family will be together today."

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