Twinkle Khanna and Chetan Bhagat get into a war of wits on Twitter

Twinkle Khanna, who likes to be fondly addressed as 'Mrs. Funny Bones' has a sense of humour that everyone is aware of. While she likes to present her opinion with a tad bit of sarcasm, she has a fan following who like to read her columns for her impeccable jokes. Of late, with Chetan Bhagat receiving all the bashing for judging 'Nach Baliye', Twinkle Khanna decided to express her disappointment over his judging abilities on her Twitter handle.

However, all of this started when she shared a video on her Instagram in January captioning it as, "Why I want to change my name to chetali bhagat!" And now months later, one of her admirers decided to comment on this caption saying, "@mrsfunnybones You are a an amazing writer , you don't need to change your name to Chetali Bhagat :)" In response to this, Twinkle decided to take a dig at Chetan's judging abilities saying, "I do! He gets to judge NachBaliye and i get to judge if that gross thing on my floor is dog puke or poop #SuchIsLife."

Surely author Chetan Bhagat wasn't the one who took the comment kindly and he said, "Well, i'd say u have the bigger challenge girl..btw, how do u tell the difference between the two anyway?"

And then started a series of tweets between the two which read:

@mrsfunnybones: "it's a short life-if lucky enough 2 get opportunities to do diverse things then one should @chetan_bhagat write a bestseller abt it too :)"

@chetan_bhagat: "u nailed is YOLO..nobody offered me barsaat, or baadshah..else u know.."

@mrsfunnybones: "Well if u were taller, had more hair u could have got bobby deol's role & if were way cooler, than Srk would be jobless:)"

At the end, Chetan decided to end this Twitter war on a light note saying, "Ok seriously guys, was just a fun banter with @mrsfunnybones. She is fun and has a sense of humour in her tweets. Silly to read more into it."

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