Alia Bhatt ready to move out of family home

The girl on the move is now ready to move out of protective parents' home. Yes, Alia Bhatt has bought her own place, just a stone's throw away from her family home in Juhu where she spent her entire 23 years with her parents and sister Shaheen.

The home is being done up by Alia's mom, the very aesthetic Soni Razdan with invaluable inputs from Alia's grandfather. Says Alia excitedly, "It's all very new and unexplored for me. I've so far lived all my life with my parents. But now I need my own place. I made sure I got a place very close to my parents' home. You step out of my old home and you step into the new home."

Her Nanajee, mom Soni's father, who is 87, has helped Alia with designing her new apartment. "My grandfather is an architect and still active professionally. My mom and I guess I too have inherited our aesthetic sense from him. My Nanajee and Mom are taking care of all the details of my new home."

The one who is most unhappy with her decision to get her own space is her dad Mahesh Bhatt.

Laughs Alia indulgently, "He was like, 'Why do you have to move out? Why do you need your own place when you've all the privacy that you need right here in this house?' When I tried to convince him that I had to find my own place he insisted that there must be a room for him in my new home. I've tried to explain to him that I am just a breath away. But he is unconvinced. I guess dads will be dads."

She intends to move into her place early next year. "There's still a lot of work to be done in the new place. And very, honestly I am not looking forward to leaving behind the home where I grew up."

And yes, Alia is not leaving alone. "My sister Shaheen is also moving in with me. I wouldn't be able to sleep all alone in my new place."

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